About GAR

GAR (Geelong Animal Rescue GAR Ltd) is often confused with GAWS (Geelong Animal Welfare Society).
Whilst GAR does assist GAWS with re-homing GAWS animals, we are completely separate entities.
GAWS is the animal shelter in Moolap, with a full time in-house vet and paid staff.

GAR has none of these.

GAR operates from within the homes of its volunteers.
All GAR volunteers and members are unpaid and donate their time and effort to provide a voice for the unwanted animals of Geelong and wider Victoria.

Mission Statement

We volunteer our time, effort and resources because we are passionate about the rescue and rehabilitation of companion animals.

Our mission is to provide a voice for abandoned, neglected and unloved cats and dogs. We aim to provide compassion and quality of life for rescued animals via love and expert rehabilitation. Our ultimate goal is to re home GAR animals into loving ‘forever’ families.

We desex every animal that comes into care to positively contribute to reducing the stray pet population of Victoria.

GAR has a ‘no kill’ policy. We work closely with Victorian Pounds to help reduce their overpopulation and save lives.

You can’t change the world by helping one animal……but you will change the world for that one animal.
Company Overview
GAR rescues at least one animal every second day. 78% of these animals come from death row across Victorian Pounds.
GAR is 100% volunteer and operates from the homes of those volunteers.
GAR is not the pound, nor does GAR have an animal shelter, paid staff, onsite vet or Government funding.
 GAR's average monthly vet bills are just under $5,000.
In 10 years, GAR has spent almost $1,000,000 on rescue expenses. GAR has no wages to pay, so all donations go straight to supporting the animals in our foster care homes.
Adoption fees only cover 48% of GAR costs. The remainder is generated by fundraising and donations.
GAR is a registered charity with ACNC (Australian Charity & Not-for-profit Commission).

Why we charge Adoption Fees

GAR charges an adoption fee for all of our animals. Adoption fees are charged to help cover the costs associated with animal rescue.

The money we collect for adoptions helps us cover 48% of our costs only. On top of our vet expenses, we also have animal food, flea & worm treatments, change of ownership fees, public liability insurance & animal transport – just to name a few.

Without the tireless efforts of our fundraising team and the incredible generosity of the public, GAR could not survive.

GAR does not receive any government funding, nor do any GAR members or volunteers receive any payment.

GAR financials are prepared by ‘Inside Running’ accountants.

From the team at GAR – THANK YOU: it is only with your support that we can continue to make a difference.
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