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Ria ~ Japanese Chin ~ 12yo Female ~ $250 Hey, my name is Ria! Don’t let my size fool you, I’m 2kgs of pure sass 💁‍♀️ The house I currently oversee has other resident pooches which I just adore, I love playing (gently) and enjoy cuddling up to them at nap time. I would like […]


Hi I'm Ziggy. I'm a happy little girl looking forward to my fourth birthday next January. Apparently I am a Staffy cross some kind of terrier. But, apart from my distinctive brindle colouring, I look nothing like a staffy. I'm very small and have a slight build, weighing about 7kg. My favourite thing is hugs […]


Patch is such a good boy who always  tries hard, and never breaks the rules. He is the best friend in the world, and loves nothing more than the company of his human. He is a big couch potato, and will just curl up and go to sleep when his human is nearby. Aside from […]


Hello Hello, my name is Ellis. I am looking for my forever home. My mum is a Greyhound X and I have ten other siblings! Yes, you read that right, 10 other little brothers and sisters 😊. I am currently living with one of my sisters and my foster family. My foster parents also have […]


Hi, my name is Angus and I’m looking for my perfect snuggle buddy! I’m 9 years old but I like to think of myself as a “young 9” because I’m still very good at running and can keep up in a game of chasey. Though I’m thought to be a Jack Russel Terrier cross, I’m […]


Hi, My Names Charlie. I’m a 3 year old bull Arab and I’m searching for my forever home. I’m extremely cuddly and once I trust someone my favourite thing to do is play fetch and cuddle on the couch. Sometimes I don’t know my size and being 50kgs I need an owner who has previously […]


Hi everyone my name is Eve, Evie to my friends. Apparently my mother is a greyhound X and my father is  unknown, but my foster mumma says I am going to grow up to be a BIG girl. I love living with my fur mumma ,foster siblings, and my brother Elliott who I like to […]


This beautiful girl was let down badly by her former people. Cast out when heavily pregnant, she found herself at a pound giving birth to 11 babies. Fortunately GAR stepped in and Mumma and babies where taken to a foster home when the babies where 4 days old. The babies are now grown up and […]

GAR1445 & 1446
Indi & Trixie

Indi and Trixie are best friends who are bonded together. Both dogs have a very calm nature and love cuddles with their foster carers. Indi has lots of energy and loves running around in the backyard and chasing after tennis balls. She also has a bit of an obsession with water from garden hoses, and […]


XX    You can get to know me better by following me on Instagram; @adoptable.ari    XX Hello my name is Ari! Some of you may recognise my face – that’s because I have been with Geelong Animal Rescue in foster care for 3 years! YEP – you read that correctly, 3 long years! I suppose you […]

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My name is Ella, I’m looking for my forever family. My mum is a Greyhound x  and I have ten other brothers and sisters! I’m not sure who my dad is but I think he might have been a big dog, I have his big paws.  I have been living with my foster family for […]


Hi humans! My name is Eleri and I’m a lanky little pup looking for a forever home to love me for all my dorkiness. Myself and my 10 other siblings came into GAR care with our fur-Mumma when we were just 4 days old. I stayed with my mum and siblings until I was 8 […]


This goofy, dorky puppy is an absolute delight but he will grow to be a very BIG dog. His Mum is a greyhound cross, his father is unknown. Elliott was born in a pound with his 10 brothers and sisters and has been living inside in his foster home since he was 4 days old […]


Hi I’m Elsa and I’m as sweet as I look! I love to cuddle and climb on your lap even though I’m not as little as I once was and I can assure you I will still want to be a lap dog even though I may get to 40kgs! We aren’t really sure how […]


Hi, my name’s Effie. I’m a Greyhound x and I’m looking for my forever home! We don’t know who my Dad was, but he must have been big because I have big feet and they stomp when I run. I currently live with my sister, and my two bigger foster sisters. I love them. I […]


Hi, I’m Emma, and I’m a Greyhound x I’m looking for my new home, could it be you? I am a small girl, and I’m one of the smallest of my 10 other siblings. I know this because I can fit through small spaces and I sometimes have a little tantrum when I can’t! I’m getting […]


Hey! My name is Taz and I am an 8 year old Maltese. My foster humans describe me as a happy, forgetful, loveable little guy who always has a smile on my face. My foster humans are always having a giggle at my expense while I try to work out how mirrors and windows work, […]


Hello there! My name is Eddie and I am a greyhound X. I look adorable and boy you are not wrong there! I am a X because no one knows what my dad was, but when you see my paws I can only imagine that he was big. I have 10, yes you heard right […]


Hello potential forever home, my name is Ernie and I’m a greyhound x. I have the x because we don’t know who my dad was, but I’m a big boy already so whoever he was, was BIG – you should see my paws! Myself and my 10 (yes, 10!) sibling were born in the pound […]


Ruby – 5YO – Border Collie - female - $400 Hi! My name is Ruby and I’m about the most chilled out Border Collie you’ll ever meet. I’m a bit of a dork and have one floppy ear from when I had an ear infection a few years ago. I totally cute and my foster […]


Hi! I’m a small blue English Staffy called Lenny. I'm a well behaved doggy with a loving nature (Loveable Lenny). I'm six years old but most people think that I'm a puppy. That's because I'm quite small, cute and very friendly.   Overall I am very quiet. I seldom bark but I do like to […]


Hey there! My name’s Emmy, I’m a Boxer, with maybe a little something else in there but who cares! I am cute as! I have a pretty typical boxer personality, I’m a little goofy, playful, fun loving, stupid, needy and just a whole lot of sweetness! I love humans, almost a little too much. I […]


Introducing..  Vincent! I am just a little terrier looking for someone to cuddle me all day long! I am a small man with the biggest personality. Getting attention is my favourite thing ever! I absolutely love humans, it just takes me a while to warm up to everyone. I am a little bit scared of […]


Lucy is a six year old Cavalier girl with a sad story but a sunny future. Lucy was surrendered to the pound with very little information or reason, so what we know about her is limited, and the rest we can only assume. When Geelong Animal Rescue took her into their care, she had significant […]


Hello Friends! My name is Hugo and I’m around 5-6 years old. I’m what my foster Mum likes to call, “a bit of a character” - whatever that means! I came to GAR from Death Row at the Pound because my old family said I was too boisterous for a toddler. I’m actually not super boisterous, and […]


Hi my name is Jack and I am a 3 year old Kelpie cross. I was in the pound for a period of time so nobody knows much about my history. I have now been with my foster carers for almost 4 months, and they adore me. When I first arrived, I was very apprehensive […]


Bo is a gorgeous Puggle (Pug Beagle X) who has been an absolute delight since coming into GAR. Bo has previously lived with another dog and kids and currently has 3 doggie mates to play with, so ideally he will go to a home with a friend to spend time with. He is well trained, […]


Hi my name is Baz, I once had the name Baz the Spaz when my foster carers collected me from the pound. Now I have learnt some manners, calmed a little and have had lots of cuddles and I am ready to find my forever home. I am a Heeler / Cattle dog cross and […]


I'm so excited that you are here! Cuddle and pats? My name is Beatrix, I'm an 8-year-old Bull Arab on the hunt for my forever family. Just a hint: my ninth birthday is in September, I like food and time with humans. Don't let my age fool you... I'm very young at heart and have […]


Hello everybody,  my name is Angel and I’m American Staffy about 6 years old. My pictures may be misleading because of my stocky and brutish physique, but I am the most lovable and loving bundle of joy you could meet. I’m only about knee height, weighing 25kg - just the right size for snuggles! Even though I might seem a bit shy when we first meet, soon […]


Hey, my name is Peppy! I’m a miniature poodle. You can rev me up and I’ll run, dip and dive right alongside you especially if a ball is involved but I truly love nothing more than lazing my days away with a ball in my mouth. I’m a very polite boy who knows all the […]


Stella is an affectionate, fun Kelpie cross Border Collie who came into foster care in February.  Back then, she was a sickly girl who was just skin and bones.  She didn't know how to play and attempts to take her for a walk were met with cowering on the ground.  That is so hard to […]


Meet Lylah, a 2 and half year old Jack Russell x Foxie, who has been with her foster carers for 2 months and is ready to find her forever home.  When Lylah first arrived to foster care she was very unsure of her surroundings . To cope with this she kept everyone at a distance […]


Hi my name is Helen, I am an American Staffordshire X, I have been with my foster carers for 6 weeks and I am ready to find my forever home. I’ve been enjoying running around the couple of acres where I live, I was a bit scared to take a walk outside the property when […]

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