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Hi there, my name is Kokoda and I am a 2.5 years Kelpie cross Mastiff; and my foster parents believe I have a bit of German shorthaired pointer in me too. I am energetic, playful, have inquisitive nature and love to explore the world, even if it just listening to what’s happening; and of course chase birds, sticks and balls.

Even though I am yet just a goofy teenager who can be quite cheeky at times, I thrive on learning; I am very intelligent and I love to please my humans. Oh man and I love food!! That of course makes my training so much easier! You have a handful of dry food and by the end of it I know how to spin around, roll over or sit and wait. I am getting so good in my ‘wait’command that I even manage to leave a treat right in front of me until you say it’s ok for me to scoff it. I am doing well on the lead and I am slowly mastering walking by your heel. I am not yet to be trusted of the leash though - I do get easily distracted, especially by other dogs as I get rather nervous meeting them, so it is better if I get introduced under the control of our humans. I would love to play with them all but at the same time I am not too sure if I can trust them and I can react out of fear. My foster parents believe that with more training and socialising this will get better as I already have some doggy friends that I trust and play around.

I haven’t had the best start in life, as my first dad was very abusive to me and my mum before she had to surrender me to the pound. That caused that I have quite timid nature and get easily scared, but once I trust you I want nothing more than to be with you. Getting pats and cuddles is my number one desire! I am a little nervous with new people, and have a tendency to bark when someone comes into the house but I listen to commands and stop when I am told to do so.  As soon as I know that the stranger is your friend, he is my friend too. As I said, there is nothing I love more than to cuddle next to my humans and get belly rubs.

I am fine at home alone as I am quite happy to just explore the yard, run around with neighbouring dogs and wonder; but I do miss you a lot and can get bored if you work long hours - and then I tend to chew on my toys, sticks or even my bed. I don’t mean to be naughty as I generally never destroy anything that’s yours; I just have a lot of energy to burn. I love going for long walks or runs, to the beach, play a game of a fetch or learn some new tricks. And after all of that, I just want to snuggle on a couch next to you.

If I could pick the perfect home, it would be one with a big big yard to play in; and with someone who has enough time to live the active life with me. Because I am still young, and in training and due to my nervous nature, my foster parents think a home without young children would be the best as firstly, I would probably knock them over while playing and secondly, they can be quite scary. I am not doing well with cats, so I would definitely prefer a cat free home as I like to be with you both outside and inside. Overall, if you can give me love, attention and a happy outdoors life I promise I will always try to be the goodest girl of all.

I am microchipped, desexed, up to date with vaccination, flea and worm treatments and have no health issues. So if you believe that you can take me into your life as a best friend, please apply below. I can’t wait to meet you!

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