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Are you looking for a snuggle buddy? Then look no further than Alf!

 He is a full-on little dude, who would much rather be with his humans than without. In fact, if you value your personal space, he’s not the cat for you. Think: cuddles when you’re on the couch, cuddles when you’re eating breakfast, lunch or dinner. In fact, at food time he will be under your feet. Cuddles, just because. He’s a lovable soul with a majestic purr motor who will be your best buddy ever.

 Alf came into care at about 16 weeks old with his sister (from another mister), Gwen. They are good buddies and Alf’s ideal forever home would have another cat for him to snuggle with, maybe even Gwen (if you’re looking for a dynamic duo?) – just in case you have other things to do. Alf also loves to snuggle up to his doggo foster sister – a poodle cross.

 He can be a little dominating towards more timid cats, so if going into a house with a pre-existing cat, it will be important to set boundaries early so everyone knows where everyone sits in the chain of cat.

 Alf is still very much a kitten in terms of behaviour, even though he’s almost 3kg, and he loves to play with all manner of toys, fingers or toes! He does like to jump on benches from time to time but is (slowly) learning that this is a bad thing. He knows all about the squirt bottle!

 He will be able to adapt fairly quickly into most environments and though he has no exposure to children, as long as they are old enough to understand how sharp kitten claws can be!

 If you think Alf could be your ideal buddy, he would love to meet you to discuss.

 Alf is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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