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Hello there, my name's Andre!

I'm a total gentleman, I have impeccable manners from the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom to well.. everywhere! I'm also super fun, oh boy when I light up, I am blinding! Then boom, before your know it, it's snuggle time again.

I don’t like being left alone for long periods as I really appreciate pleasant company. It's my role in this lifetime to be a companion to a special human and I take that job very seriously. My human/s are going to need be around lots, so a family with gentle kids would be cool to make sure I have a snuggle buddy at my call when I so desire it.

I 'm in foster with other kittens & we share great times rolling around the place kittening and entertaining all who get to see this event. I would love a home with a cat or kitten that can be my new bro or sister for life, as long as we are given a nice slow introduction so we can get used to each other! I have met some cool dogs and would be open to a doggo buddy who of course is happy to embrace me into the pack.

I may be shy at first when I arrive home with you, but with your gentle reassurance and lots of cuddles, I know we can have a sweet bond between us. My needs are simple, indoor life is essential, access to an enclosure would be swell or some nice windows to watch the world from my cat tower. My toys are anything I can flip around, carry, or chase.

Is your family ready to share a lifetime with a gentleman like me? I am ready and very enthusiastic to meet you.
My heart is at your service can yours be at mine?

Andre is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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