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Hello future family! My name is Angel, but my foster mum keeps telling me that I’m ‘the best dog EVER!’ so I’m starting to think that’s my name too. Lol. I am an adorable smoochy pooch looking for a very special family. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite things to help the process:

1) My people – I love humans including the wee tiny ones. My foster mum says I’m an extrovert because I like to say a friendly ‘hi’ to people on walks and I love when mum has company over. I particularly like children and play very gently with them, even letting them pull toys out of my mouth. In my home, I can be protective of my foster mum and my space. In particular, I can take a while to warm up to *some* men (but am totally smoochy with others!). I feel most comfortable with women and would prefer that my future home has at least one mommy. However, I have had male carers in the past and will warm up to men if they are patient while I learn to trust them.

2) Walks! I love walks, but I’m not much of an endurance athlete so I generally prefer short, but frequent walks. I’m very considerate and prefer to toilet on walks rather than in the garden so I currently get 3-4 walks a day. I am *pretty* good at recall when called off-lead…except if there is another dog around who I would like to visit. Then, suddenly I can’t hear my foster mum calling my name! Darndest thing. I’m working really hard on recall right now and I’m learning that my foster mum always rewards me with delicious treats when I’m a good girl. I am very friendly to all dogs in public, but I’m still working on my manners and tend to ask other dogs to play by chest butting them. This is not a problem for big doggos who like to play rough, but it can scare little dogs and their owners. Likewise, I can scare puppies by trying to fetch them. Likely, this stems from the fact that I had many puppies of my own before I was rescued by GAR. For these reasons, my foster mum always asks dog owners if their dog would like to play before she lets me off lead to have fun.

3) Food! Yum I love my kibble and treats! I have a history of sensitive skin so I’m not allowed to eat beef. I currently eat salmon kibble which is super delicious and I get chicken and kangaroo treats when I’m being a good girl. I’m currently a healthy (but stocky) 27 kg and it’s important I stay fit. I just recovered from knee surgery and staying fit and healthy will help prevent any future problems.

4) Naps and chilling! I am an Olympic level napper. I mostly stay inside during the day and a manage the disappointment of my mum leaving by sleeping. I rotate napping spots between my crate, my many dog beds, anywhere there’s a patch of sun, and sometimes I’m a bit cheeky and have a snooze on the sofa. Shhhh…don’t tell mum. I am a very relaxed dog and am very happy to chill out with my favourite humans around.

In general, I’m a gorgeous girl and what I’d love most is to be part of your family. I would be best placed with a family who has experience with Staffies and will treat me like family member. I would prefer all your attention and love and so it would be best if there were no other dogs or small animals in the household. Bonus points if you have a great lawn. If this is you, please swipe right…I mean fill out an application and let’s meet!

Angel is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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