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Hello everybody

my name is Angel and I’American Staffy about 6 years old. My pictures may be misleading because of my stocky and brutish physique, but I am the most lovable and loving bundle of joy you could meet. I’m only about knee height, weighing 25kg - just the right size for snuggles! Even though I might seem a bit shy when we first meet, soon enough I will follow you everywhere and make you constantly laugh. There is nothing that I love more than my humans! Actually, those little ones, they are even better! They are the best size for licking and you know, being a mother to so many pups, they kind of remind me of the family I have never seen grow up. Oh boy, they make me smile, and wag my tail so hard that my foster mum often worries I will knock someone over but I am nothing but gentle.

I love making my foster mum happy, and of course I love pats and treats, so I am learning new commands very quickly. I know sit, shake, lay down (I much more prefer ‘roll over’ and belly rubs though), stay, come here and go on your bed (but how much better is human’s bed?! Plus if I sneak there through the night, I always score some free cuddles in the morning, who wouldn’t love that?). I know ‘get off’ and ‘hop up’ as I often travel in the car; which I find a lot of fun. It takes me to all the cool new places

When I first came into the foster care I was this little scared ball of nerves, everything new, even the car absolutely frighten me, but now? I can’t wait to explore more! I have grown into curious, trusting and confident dog that enjoys everything my human gets me up to. I walk nicely on the lead, with an occasional sniff around; all those smells are so exciting! But I am not a puller and with training, I am improving every day. I actually really enjoy running too, keeping right by your heel. Unfortunately, they still don’t let me run around with no lead on, as I don’t always come back. I mean, I will come, as soon as I catch that seagull! My foster mum says I am very stubborn, but I don’t know. I think she should try harder. I understand what she wants me to do, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem important enough (definitely not more important than seagulls). I say, it’s nothing that an ongoing training wouldn’t fix. I am already at a recall class in my training school and I am getting better every day. Since I much more prefer to be inside with my humans, I am toilet trained. 

Like many other staffies, I too have a sensitive skin and since I wasn’t previously living in the cleanest conditions I have developed an allergy and can get really itchy. My foster mum keeps feeding me this delicious salmon food – that I love so much that it’s like a treat for me; and gives me regular baths – well, I don’t like those too much, but they also mean more salmonso I am not really complaining and with every bath I am getting more comfortable. 

My hobbies include walks; running on the beach and jumping into waves; playing chase and wrestle with my doggy friends; chasing cats of the backyard; and sunbaking; but my most favourite thing is to be snuggled on the couch right next to my human. I am not into toys or playing fetch; if anything, I like to chase my mates that are playing fetch. My favourite toys are old teddy bears, and well, sometimes my foster mum’s slipper. She tells me of for it, but they are so fluffy! Don’t worry; I don’t chew any other shoes!

My perfect forever home would be in a family, with someone who is both at home with me but also takes me for some fun adventures. As I said, I absolutely adore human company so the perfect family must let me stay inside with them, as I like my comfort and I get cold outside. 

Although, I am very good girl when I have to be left on the backyard while my foster parents are at work, I don’t bark or howl, just occasionally digwhen I am left alone for too long. Therefore my forever home will need to have a good fence and someone who is at home more than not. My foster mum thinks that having a dog buddy would help to keep me occupied, but we will need to meet first as I can get quite dominant and I like to play a lot. My new parents should be happy to continue my training, especially recall, so I can be the best possible dog for them.

I need special dry food and medical shampoo and I might require a vet appointment every now and then to check on my skin. Luckily, they believe it might disappear one day, that’s if I stay clean and healthy.

If you think you deserve all my kisses and can provide me with a forever home, please fill in the application below. I can’t wait to meet you!!

Angel is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

M/Chip #953010000872043

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