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Jack Russel Terrier X

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Hi, my name is Angus and I’m looking for my perfect snuggle buddy! I’m 11 years old but I like to think of myself as a “young 11” as I’m still very good at running and jumping. Though I’m thought to be a Jack Russel Terrier cross, I’m more like a Staffy size and have some staffy traits. I certainly know how to talk like a Staffy, often yodelling across the oval to new friends and telling you how much I like my pats.

I’m told I’m a very sweet and good boy, with beautiful brown eyes that like to stare at you and tell you how pretty you are. By myself, I’m very quiet and happy to be by your side, but I also love to be around a friend and cuddle on the couch. I like to think of myself as the perfect lap dog, big enough for a cuddle, small enough to fit on your lap on the couch. I’m very clever at sneaking under your arm and making sure I can give you a cuddle at all times, I’ll tell you I’m nice and comfortable with a couple of sighs to tell you how happy I am.

I would prefer to be an indoor dog, just so I can be sure to keep you company, but am a good boy outside by myself during the day without digging. If is a dog or new friend over the fence I may try to talk to them and may bark while I’m left alone. I like to be around you whenever I get a chance, I’m the perfect company If you show me where my bed is I’m very happy to sit there and be in your company. I can sleep in my bed while you are cooking in the kitchen, give you a cuddle on the couch or sun-bake while you’re hanging out the washing. I am well behaved indoors during the day, I don’t have any interest in chewing any possessions and am toilet trained, but I can be a little cheeky and tuck myself in your bed while you’re away and wait for you to come home for a cuddle, so any doors to bed must be closed during the day.

I get very excited when I get to see you when I get home and a prone to jumping, because of this I’m not suitable to families with small children or if there is someone unsteady on their feet. I am also not suited to a house with cats, although I’m often not phased when in their company, I can get distracted when they start running and want to catch them. Of course, the most important thing to me is being in a home with lots of cuddles and pats.

I have completed some training and am responding well to direction and socialisation. Although I get along very well with my foster brothers and am well behaved on the lead without pulling, I can get too excited when I’m near other dogs, this can sometimes be a little scary for other dogs as I like to pull towards them and try to be the boss. So I need to be reminded of my manners and need someone to put in some extra effort into my obedience training to make sure I’m I focus on walking rather than other dogs. I have been responding well to a choker chain and has been a great tool for me to be better behaved as well as frequent walks. I tend to like smaller dogs better than larger dogs and would suit a home that has no other dogs or a similar sized small dog to keep me company.

I am desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, up to date with my flea and worm treatments and to meet my new forever family.


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