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Hello my name is Ari! Some of you may recognise my face – that’s because I have been with Geelong Animal Rescue in foster care for 3 years! YEP – you read that correctly, 3 long years!

I suppose you are wondering how a cutie patootie like me hasn’t found a forever home yet, well... obviously my forever people haven’t seen me yet, or I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this and I’d be out living my best life. But, since we are here... hopefully you’ll take the time to understand me by reading this bio!

I was surrendered to GAWS by my family at around 1 year old because apparently, I was digging out of their yard. My foster humans find this a little bit funny since I have never once dug a hole at all in my time with them. Anyway, I spent a couple of months at GAWS and was adopted out twice and then returned to the shelter after only a few days both times. I ended up seeking rescue as I was deemed unsuitable for their adoption program. When I came into foster care with GAR I was approximately 18 months old.

Thanks to a bit of detective work and some luck, we found out that I was bought as a puppy by a family, then re-homed by them when I was still a baby to another family who then surrendered me to GAWS at around the age of 1. This means I had at least 5 different homes and had also been in the pound – all before I was 2! As you can probably imagine, that much inconsistency and being given up on over and over has left me a little damaged.

Obviously, given the above, I have some behaviour issues which has led to me having multiple homes before I was rescued. I will try to explain them as best a possible so you can get to know me!

  • I’m dog reactive, so that makes me best suited to a home with no other pets. I do live in a home with another dog currently and I do play with him when our pawrents are home. He is a fairly submissive dog, however we have had a few fights in the past (not for over 1 and a half years) when he gets sick of me being bossy to him. My ideal home  is one with no other dogs, or one that is very calm and submissive. I tend to have the biggest issues with bigger dogs or dogs who bark at me or stare me down. I really hate that!
  • I’m resource protective. The resources I protect are things I consider high value e.g. Food, occasionally toys, and my spot on the couch. In the past I have also become protective of the biggest resource of all – my humans! When I bond with my people, I will bark at anything I feel is a potential threat to them. This behaviour can be a bit confronting especially if my people like to have friends over. Over time in my foster home I have learned to trust that the visitors were pretty cool, and they weren’t trying to steal my foster Mum and Dad or hurt me so now I’m generally quite good with visitors. Especially if I have met them a few times.
  • I’m a bit of an anxious girl. The trainer and behaviouralist who visited me said that my anxiety comes from fear. For example, I’m frightened of loud noises like fireworks, thunder, loud trucks and I hate bikes!! These things get me incredibly stressed out. I do get a bit scared when I don’t know what is happening around me – for example sitting at a café is not enjoyable for me because there is too much coming and going for my liking. I prefer a slower paced life.
  • I am sensory driven with fantastic hearing. No-one has ever parked or walked near my foster home without me knowing about it. I’m smart though – I know all the familiar car sounds of Foster Mum, Dad, our neighbours and a few other regular visitors so I don’t bother to announce their arrival to anyone. I’m responsive to voice commands so if I bark and you tell me to stop, I do.

I do obviously have some awesome traits too, but I thought I would get the negatives out of the way first and hope you are still reading!

  • I’m genuinely content in the yard. I’m not destructive, nor have I ever tried to escape! My Foster Mum and Dad think I would be happy to never leave the house. They call it my ‘safe zone’. I am at my most relaxed at home in the yard or with my foster family inside.
  • I’m crate trained, and I sleep in my crate at night. I am very calm in there. I have just spent 12 full weeks in the crate as I had to have a TPLO surgery on my left leg, so I needed to be rested to make sure it worked properly! It went very well and I’m back to my active self!
  • I am smart, eager to please, loyal, loving and (mostly – hey no one is perfect!!) obedient in the home.
  • I’m playful, and I’m even happy to play on my own! Tennis balls are my favourite. I have about 20 of them because Mumma keeps buying me more and more. I like to throw them around to myself and chase them around the yard. I do like to relax too though, and I will sit on the couch cuddled up with my foster dad while he watches TV.
  • I have a pretty impressive wardrobe because my foster Mum is a compulsive dog shopper so I have lots of cute bandanas which will go with me to my new home.
  • I have my own pen and kennel which also go with me to my new home! The idea of the pen is to give me a safe zone to go during the settling in period while I’m still getting to know your friends and visitors. As mentioned above, I might be protective and want you all to myself before I realise your friends are fun to be around, so this pen gives me an area to chill out.
  • Obviously, I’m 10/10 cute.

I have been in my current foster home for quite some time and a lot of my negative behaviours are mellowed compare to when I first arrived. In the past though when I have moved from this home, I have regressed in my training and have begun my resource guarding behaviour again. This makes it a little hard for my Foster Mum and Dad to find me a great forever home. The dog you see in my foster home, is not necessarily the dog you get to begin with!

I have been through a lot in the last 4 and a half years, so I really need an EXTRA SPECIAL human who will take a chance on me despite my flaws, or as my foster family call them Ari-isms. My foster parents say my new humans must have a patient and understanding attitude as I will need time to adjust to my new surroundings, and the other people in your life! If you can show me that’s you, I will return your loyalty to you ten-fold, I promise.

Love Ari

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