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Staffy X

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Hi There! This is Miss Ava!
She knows how to walk on a lead very well, rarely pulls and if she does if you tell her to come back she will. She is fine with other dogs on the lead. Off the lead she is even better, she will circle around and come back to you. We are yet to meet any dogs off lead that hasn’t lived with. She will be need to be walked at least once a day or you will find she has lots of energy to burn and will destroy a toy and won’t settle before bed time.
Ava is learning to be more gentle when playing with other dogs. She does want to play but sometimes gets a little excited and ends up getting told off by the other dog.
Personally I think she will be a perfect dog on her own but she will need stimulation and attention.
She could be paired with another dog but I suggest a calm dog that can teach her to play softly! She loves attention from other dogs.
Cats she is fine with when they are just around the house but if they run she will chase after them.
Ava is easily trusting with humans and will need someone soft and willing to nicely discourage bad behaviours. The only “bad” behaviour Ava is learning is to not jump when getting over excited or nervous. But she’s getting there!
She has a heart of gold and anyone will be lucky to have her to adore.
Ava is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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