Baron Von Fluffington III

Baron Von Fluffington III 





5 Month(s)





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I present to you, Baron Von Fluffington III!

I'm on the lookout for a quieter type of home where my majestic fluff can be appreciated to its fullest. At first glance, you might find me a bit reserved, I tend to be shy around new faces and loud noises. But don't let that fool you—I'm a social butterfly at heart and get along famously with people, dogs and cats.

Now, let's talk about my weakness—Dine creamy treats, fed straight from the tube. Oh, how I swoon for those delectable delights! Win me over with a few of those, and you'll have a friend for life.

Once I've settled into my surroundings, you'll see the real me. Playful, affectionate, and always on the lookout for a snuggle or a gentle pat. Speaking of pats, let me tell you a secret: when you find those perfect spots and give me a good pat, my paws start kneading the ground in pure bliss...1...2...1...2 my fluffy feet go. It's like a little rhythmic dance of happiness, and I just can't help myself!

So, if you're looking for a fluffy companion who's equal parts gentle and playful, look no further than me, Baron Von Fluffington III. Let's create our own cozy haven filled with love, treats, and plenty of pats!

Baron Von Flufflington is microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, and up to date with flea and worm treatments

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