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Cocker Spaniel

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This little lady is Belle, and she is just the sweetest thing!

Belle is a little pocket rocket, she’s only little but she has some go! Especially when there is a ball being thrown!

When Belle isn’t chasing her favourite ball, she is always next to her foster mum, following her wherever she goes. Belle does have a bit of separation anxiety and doesn’t like to be alone for long periods of time. She does howl and cry when she is left out of view of a human, the howling doesn’t last longer than half an hour at a time. When left outside Belle will sook and scratch at the back door for the first 10 to 15 minutes before going off and doing doggy things for a little bit but she will always come back to the door for another sook and scratch to see if anyone will let her in.

Belle has been doing some crate training since coming into care and she has loved it, She loves her crate and will take her self to bed when she is feeling overwhelmed. Belle sleeps in the crate at night time with no issues. To help her separation anxiety it would benefit Belle if she continues her crate training in her forever home.

Belle is currently living with 2 other dogs in her foster home. she doesn’t like to share her space very much, and will growl at other dogs if they come too close to her when she is on her bed, or near her foster mum. Belle doesn’t mind being around other dogs but would prefer her own space more. Her forever home would be best without other dogs, but another calm similar sized doggy will be okay too. Belle is also okay with cats as long as they are used to dogs and not likely to run away. Belle is a sweet little girl, she gives amazing cuddles and just loves people, she is great with kids and extremely gentle. She is a bit precious and if you accidentally stand on her when she gets in the way she will let out an almighty scream but really, she is fine. She does get under your feet a lot so this does happen a bit, but don’t worry she accepts sorry cuddles with no issues.

Belle’s forever home will need to be dedicated to having her groomed regularly and keep up with her training. She is toilet trained, walks okay on the lead, and knows some basic obedience.

Belle is desexed, microchipped and kept up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.

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