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Boxer X Beagle

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This beautiful lady is a playful, sweet girl with lots of love to give.

She has energy to play and loves to adventure, and has a pretty typically boxer personality.

While in care she has been improving on her recall on a long line but does have basic commands prior to coming into care.

Bonnie was surrendered to GAR after previously being adopted out 3 years ago, her owner was unable to continue to provide the level of care she needed due to her behavior and unavoidable life events but she has been in a loving home. She was displaying some possessive behaviors over her owner and was beginning to become aggressive towards new dogs when they came near her owner, this was due to a lack of structure and exposure. She has spent a while here at Jimmy’s Dog Training working on all these issues and she has shown herself, with good structure and rules and a bit of training, that she is a friendly fun dog but this needs to be continued in her forever home to give Bonnie the best chance at being a happy well balanced dog. She has been interacting with our dogs with no issues and has become much more accepting of new people and surroundings. She is a fairly medium energy dog she enjoys playing with her toys and wrestling. Mostly just likes a good pat and cuddle.

With her past behavior she will need someone who isn’t just going to just love her, but also give the structure, boundaries and rules necessary to keep her on the right track and well behaved. She is at first very barky with people but we have been working on introducing a lot of new people as the barking is due to a lack of exposure to new people throughout her life (mainly men), she is learning to have a sniff of people and then is very accepting and lovely.

She has been around children and would be fine in a home with them. Perhaps older children as she has a good bit of boxer in her so doesn’t mind a little over exuberant jump up every now and again. Small kids might get bumped over potentially.

Bonnie like any dog will benefit from further training to ensure a peaceful transition to her new home.

She is very willing to learn and is very eager to please so would thrive in a home with a lot of time for her, she has previously jumped fences in her home once so a secure yard is a must.

She is a loving girl who deserves a forever home that will love her and give her what she needs. Bonnie is best suited to a home without other dogs.

Bonnie is desexed, microchipped, up to date with her vaccinations and flea and worm treatments.

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