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This sweet old man is Bruno! In true greyhound fashion his foster mum refers to him as a pet potato. He loves to sleep, snack and sleep.

Bruno was born as a racing dog who then found himself in GAWS once his racing career was over; he then lived with another dog for a few years. Unfortunately as he grew older and with the loss of most of his eyesight he stopped getting along with the other resident dog and found himself at the vet a few times. For this reason Bruno is best suited to an only dog home or with a resident dog that would need to be older and understanding of each other’s personal space.

He may be old but still loves a walk! All though he can’t walk far he will still race to the door whenever he hears his lead ready to get outside. An easy 15-30 minute walk a day will keep him happy enough he’ll come home and sleep for the next 4 hours.

As mentioned, Bruno has lost most of his eyesight, we think he can still mostly see shadows though. He does incredibly well finding his way around and very rarely bumps into things around the house. He does need routine and is best if things in the house don’t get moved around as this can confuse him. He’s recently had a visit to the eye specialist who said his sight loss was caused by an old infection that is no longer active. They don’t expect his eye sight to get any worse. He does have some cataracts that will need a follow up with the eye specialist in 6 months time (March 2021).

He will only go to the bathroom inside if he’s left inside for too long so he will need someone to be home more often than not. He is an inside dog but will happily have a quick bake in the sun when it’s out.

Bruno loves his food and treats, he currently gets fed dry biscuits for senior dogs and his foster mum adds in some kangaroo & pumpkin loaf for him and his foster brother which he loooves! Greyhounds are also professional bin divers and Bruno is no exception to this. You will need to make sure your bin is elevated or you can expect to find wrappers as decorations all over your floors in the mornings.

Bruno would be a perfect companion for someone home more often than not, a quite household with no small children. He hasn’t been tested with cats while in foster care but if they steer clear of him I’m sure they’d live in harmony.

Bruno is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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