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Border Collie

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Hi! My name is Buddy and I am a six years old Border collie. I love every human I meet and hold no reservations in coming up for a cuddle and a scratch. I am interested in every smell along every street and I also love a good old-fashioned fetch session. My absolute favourite thing in the world is to go for a ride in the car.

My foster carers praise me for being easy to train, but you should also know that I am stubborn and will test you when I get the chance. I also love coming with my humans to the beach for a swim in the ocean - waves are FUN!

I will sniff other dogs, but I am generally not that interested. Although I have recently started to show more interest. I have had a few bad experiences with other male dogs, so my preference is to move to a home where I am the only dog or at least the only male dog. 

I do suffer from anxiety and take daily medication for this. Weening of the medication is a long-term target and something my foster carers believe this might be possible when I have settled into my forever home. I have developed a bad habit of frantically running in circles, at times so bad that I give myself a sore leg/hip. My current carers have crate trained me to help me manage my anxiety, so it is essential that my new home has a crate. My crate has been a real game changer in managing my anxiety and the impulse to run in circles.

While I would rather come everywhere with you (mostly for the trip in the car), I am happy enough to stay at home in my crate when you go out. If you leave me in the back yard, I will probably start running in circles again.

Oh yeah, I also don’t like (aka I HATE) loud noises like coffee grinders, vacuums and thunder. My aversion to loud noises and anxiety also means I am not well suited to a home with small children.

When on a lead I am a very chilled dog. I can sit with you at your favourite cafe or walk along a busy street. I am the perfect companion for someone who is home most days because I am a smart and active dog, and while my crate is great, I don’t want to spend your five-day, 9 to 5 in there.

Buddy is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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