Buddy & Samson #Bonded Pair#

Buddy & Samson #Bonded Pair# 

GAR1668 & 1669




3 Year(s) 8 Month(s)





Microchip #:


Hi there, I’m Buddy (tabby) and this is my brother Samson (white) but we sometimes call him Sammy.
So if you're looking for a lap cat then please keep on looking as we like our own independence.  My foster mum is hoping we will grow out of that as we are still tiny tots.  She thinks we are like this as we spent our first 8 weeks on the streets without this “human contact” thing. But when she pats us she says we purr like an engine, what ever that means?! Me I looove belly rubs but Sammy likes a pat under the chin, what ever you do don’t touch his belly he doesn’t like that.

We do LOVE to play with all of our toys and we’re really good at leaving them everywhere. We also like wrestling together and playing tag with our foster brother(another cat), we haven’t met any dogs so not sure if we would like them but I’m told I am very brave and confident, with cats, people I’m slowing getting better. But don’t let my size fool you. Samson is still working on his bravery. You just have to be patient with him, I know he will get there.  He’s bigger than me but very, very shy. We love playing in the outside cat enclosure so if you have one wow that would be great fun!

Our furever family should keep in mind that we’re still kittens and we are more playful than snuggly.

Buddy and Samson are toilet trained, desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

If you think you want us in your family apply below.

BUDDY 956000010903506
SAMSON 956000010903172

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