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Hey you! Yes yooou! Reading my all important biography!! Keep reading and i’ll tell you all about my fabulous self.

You want a nosy bugger? Well I;m your man! I’ve gotta be in your business and wherever you don't want me all the time. (By wherever you don't want me, I mean that snacks on the kitchen bench are the best!)

Whenever you want a cuddle, I definitely wont be there. Playing playstation? Eating dinner? I’ll make sure I'm all up in your business!

I don't play with any toys.. I'm pretty boring like that. But stalking your feet as you walk around the corner is the best game ever!

Unfortunately I had an elder human at my past home that could no longer care for me. Lucky my foster parents gave me a home in the meantime.

I like to think of myself as the King of the house, so having another cat around just wont do, as I need it to be all about me. Those other animals that the humans call dogs, they’re alright. I share my space with them quite nicely by just ignoring them.

I cant wait to have my own forever home! I long for the day I can be completely familiar and comfortable in my very own home. Ideally i’d love my own hammock, a tuna mocktail and a sunny spot to lounge in all day every day. I guess i’ll settle for a comfy human bed during the day and a big meal morning and night.

How can you not adopt me though!? I don't need any attention at all (because only I can be the one to initiate it). As long as I'm fed morning and night when I beg for my food (and maybe a sneaky piece of broccoli off my human’s plate), i’ll be happy as Larry to ponder about by myself during the day.

Now go fill out an adoption application and snatch up yourself the coolest cat on your block ?

Buddy is de-sexed and up to date with vaccinations and flea and worming treatment.

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