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Candy, DLH, 1.5yrs, female.

Hellow humans! My name is Candy, named after a Candy Cane, and just like candy canes I’m super sweet! I am honestly one of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet. I don’t like to boast, but I’m quite a pretty little lady too, as you can see from my photos.

I came into foster care with my two bubs, Buddy and Holly, who were only four weeks old at the time. I’ve been a very good mum who nursed and cared for my bubs but now I am looking forward to a life in my new home where I will live in peace and quiet. My foster family think I haven’t had a chance to really show my personality since I have been preoccupied with mothering duties, so my new family will have the opportunity to see me settle into my best cat self.

I absolutely adore food, food glorious food! I prefer wet food and will only eat dry food if nothing else is available. And if you’re having chicken for dinner, I hope you don’t mind sharing some. Or tuna for lunch…or ham sandwiches…or salmon…you get the idea.

I have met an adult cat in foster care and my approach was calm and cautious; I kept my distance and gave them space. However, the other cat kept hissing at me which I found unsettling. If I met another cat who was calm and chilled like me, I think we could get along ok. But a nervous cat wouldn’t work for me. I have not yet been tested with dogs so not sure how I would react to them.

I would be fine with kids young and old since I am a very friendly, calm, and gentle cat. The only time I assert myself is if I am very hungry and you are not prioritising getting my food ready. I will twist around your legs and try and trip you over until you serve up my cuisine! However, I have very good manners and when you put down my bowl, I always give an affectionate nudge to say “thank you”.

My little quirky feature is I have no meow. There is nothing to worry about, the vet has checked me out and doesn’t see any problems. My voice is just very quiet, hoarse, and scratchy. So although I do talk a lot, I have a very little voice. This makes me a very quiet companion.

As I am a long-haired cat I will need regular brushing, which I enjoy very much, and like all cats I love a good scratching post.

If you think I’m the candy cane for you, I can’t wait to meet you x

Candy is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatmnets.

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