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Crunchie and Caramello are eight month old kittens with a unique journey so far. Please read the information we have on these kittens and consider whether you might be the special home for these special cats.
Caramello and Crunchie can be adopted independently or together.
Caramello and Crunchie came into care in January as 12 week old kittens. It was clear from when they first joined us at Geelong Animal Rescue that they were unlike other kittens. They were much smaller and had a bit of trouble eating normal foods and had to be bottle-fed. Unlike their brother in the same letter they were initially unwilling or unable to explore their environment or use the litter tray. Their issues mimicked a type of dwarfism. After some veterinary investigations and some blood tests it was suspected that they had hypothyroidism causing dwarfism.
Their thyroid levels were extremely high compared to what we would expect in kittens their age. They were started on some medication to see if that would help their development and symptoms.
Their initial response to this medication was positive which backed up the vets suspicions. It is suspected that both Caramello and Crunchie will need to be on this medication for life.
Since being in care at Geelong animal rescue, despite being small, both kittens are now very playful, loving eating their food, love a good pat and a bum scratch, and are very cooperative when it’s time to give them their medication. They have lived with other cats and get along well with them but it is preferred that they live in a home without dogs. Kids would be okay but only on the kitten’s terms.
Caramello and Crunchie are a little bit special but they are funny, playful and deserve a loving home despite their clear need for ongoing medicated care.

Caramello is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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