Chanel & Chloe

Chanel & Chloe 

GAR1505 & 1504




5 Year(s) 2 Month(s)





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Hi everyone! We are Chloe and Chanel. We’re sisters, best friends and partners in crime who ended up in foster care (through no fault of our own) as kittens. We are chalk and cheese – polar opposites in pretty much every single way. According to our foster mum, our differences are what makes us the perfect pair.
Now, a bit from each of us…

CHANEL: My name is Chanel, but my foster mum has nicknamed me Shamir.
I would describe myself as playful, lively and quirky. My strange little antics make my foster mum laugh a lot – in fact, I don’t think that a day has gone by where I haven’t made her smile, at least once, by doing something funny.
I love playing with toys any time of the night or day (I’ve been known to wake up my foster mum in the morning by dropping a toy on her head) cuddles (but only on my terms – I’ll come to you when I feel like a snuggle) and afternoon naps (Sunday arvos with the TV on are my favourite).
I also love attention, and I will do whatever I can to gain it. One of my techniques is vocalising – I am quite the chatterbox, and I have a range of sounds which my foster mum is slowly decoding. I like to be in on the action and I am usually in the same room as my foster mum, watching what she’s up to – I’ll often doze off watching her get ready in the morning or doing housework.

CHLOE: My name is Chloe, but my foster mum has nicknamed me Owl. She says that this is because I have a beautiful, wise, soulful face and I am always perched up high peering down at her (from the top of the loungeroom cupboard is my favourite).
I would describe myself as gentle, placid and sweet. I am easy-going and more reserved than my sister Chanel (who likes to be the centre of attention). I approach people with a little more caution, too. I’m definitely not scared of humans, but I am more reserved than her. That said, once I get to know you I am very affectionate and love a cuddle – one of my favourite things to do of an evening is massage my foster mum with my paws and fall asleep on or next to her.
Whilst I am largely a peaceful cat, I do have my very playful moments. Out of nowhere, I’ll chase after a toy, a bug or my sister, which always makes my foster mum laugh.

We are indoor cats, who have constant access to an outdoor cat enclosure which has toys, plants and our kitty litter (which we have no troubles using) in it. We are inside cats but we would love to go to a home with a cat enclosure too as we love to explore outside in a secure area.
We’d also like to live in a house with many bedrooms, cupboards and cabinets to explore, as the apartment where we are currently living in is kind of boring for our inquisitive minds.

We are de-sexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.
M/Chip# 956000012171543 & 956000012122732

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