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Bull Arab

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Hi everyone,
This is Charlie the Bull Arab, we’re searching for a special foster home who would be willing to take him on, to help transition him into his forever home.
Charlie has lived at the dog ranch (Jimmy’s Dog Training) for over 2 years now, he came into care emaciated and very badly treated before living with us.

He has been working hard on his behaviours as he had some pretty bad fear aggression towards older strange men, he has improved out of sight and loves doing his training everyday.

Once you have his trust he is a beautiful natured boy and is extremely obedient.

Before Charlie becomes available for adoption we would like to know how well he behaves in a “normal” household so we’re searching for someone to be his foster carer to test him out.

Things that he needs from a foster home-
-Only dog household or ability to 100% seperate from resident dog
-An owner who understands the structure a large breed and temperament such as Charlie needs
-Someone who is willing to attend training every week (at no cost to you)
-Someone who is going to continue the routine that we have established for him
-Someone willing to take him on walks with his Muzzle and caution vest
-Someone confident with large breeds and physically strong
-Someone who has a decent amount of time to spend with him daily
-No small children as he is untested with toddlers (he has been good with our baby Matilda but to play it safe no kids is best)

Charlie is a 4 year old 60kg desexed male, he is up to date with his vaccinations and flea and worm treatments.

Geelong Animal Rescue cover all vet and food costs and myself and Jimmy will always be available for training and help with introducing him to your home.

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