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A true rags to riches kitty, this beautiful soul has had a very hard start to life but is blossoming in foster care.
Cinderella is only pint sized and will never outgrow her kitten proportions. She has a soft, grey tabby coat with a unique sprinkle of ginger from her middle all the way down her tail. Owing to her tough start she appears to have a slightly misshapen lower jaw/lip and has a cute little buck tooth, which she shows you when she smiles.
In some ways she's still a little unsure of people but she has such a desire to be part of our world that she enthusiastically greets you, coming running and purring at the first sound of her name. "Brrr…brrr…brrr….brrr" - Cinderella's purr is like no other purr you've heard, she sounds like a real jungle cat and once she starts she can't stop. As she rumbles away she looks up at you with squinty eyes and a great big smile to show her appreciation that you're there.  She is desperate for pats, so if you can be patient for just a few minutes, Cinderella will scooch her way under your hand to delight in full body rubs. As she settles in you'll find her flopping onto her back and rolling around just to make sure you can reach all the right spots on her belly.
Cinderella is FIV positive so needs to either be an only cat or live with another FIV positive cat. A placid and lovely girl, she has grown up with lots of feline friends so she would happily accept another cat in her family.
Cinderella has met the resident dogs in her foster home and she doesn't seem phased by them so a home with a cat savvy dog would be just fine. Most of all though she needs a human who wants to spend some time sitting quietly in a sunny spot where they can watch the world go by together. She would flourish in a home where she will be treated like the princess she truly is.
This little princess deserves a fairy tale ending, could your home be her castle?
Cinderella is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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