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Hey there! My name is Coco! I am guessed to be an American Staffy mix, possibly with a little mastiff but not much as I’m not that big. I have just turned 8, I love people, food and naps. I am pretty lazy, while I do love to go for a walk if you can’t be bothered then neither can I! My foster mum says I am super easy to care for, I don’t get anxious when she goes to work. I am happy to hang out by myself in the backyard on a nice day or inside on a cold wet day. As I said I am pretty lazy, I will sleep all day and all night, only getting up to eat, toilet and do the occasional zoomie! Oh, and of course get some love from my foster parents, I do love people and love getting a belly rub and neck/ear scratch and I love to try climb on your lap and get in your face but I’m not a licker, I just like put my wet nose on your face.

My foster mum has been working hard to teach me some manners, while I am so calm and chill at home, being out and about can get me a little worked up. I am re-active when I see other dogs on walks, especially small ones and ones barking behind fences. I have come a long way and now only re-act a little bit and am easy to calm down to then keep on walking. I am very strong when I want to be and can pull a little on the lead but have been doing so well with my loose leash walking. It is important that my forever humans continue with my training so I can be an even better pupper on my walks. I have learnt how to sit, wait, go on my bed when told, wait for my food, leave it, been working on my recall and I am also crate trained. I have also been learning not to barge out doors and gates when they open, I like to go out very fast, get my walk done fast so I can get back to bed fast. As I said I am very lazy, bed is life.

I currently live with another male dog, we get along pretty well but I am very intense when first meeting a new dog, I can be a lot to handle for the average dog. I am also pretty dominant and don’t do very well meeting other female dogs. My foster mum says I have a very unique play style, which involves headbutting the other dog with very fast movements and tucking my butt in. Tucking your butt in makes you faster! I can find it a little hard to share my human’s bed and couch but have got a lot better since being in my foster home, I can share a little better now but would still prefer not to. My foster mum thinks I would be best as an only dog but could possibly live with another dog as long as they are male and super easy going and not too active as I am pretty lazy. I am not good with small dogs, cats or pocket pets.

Medically, I do have a few quirks. I am incontinent but it is maintained well with twice weekly medication, with the potential to go to once weekly if my incontinence improves. Being a Staffy I do have sensitive skin, it’s all environmental and is easily maintained with oatmeal shampoo and an antihistamine during spring. I do get mild hives when mosquitos bite me but they go away on their own after a bit, I like to avoid them, if possible, though. I do also have what are called sebaceous cysts, these form usually in between my toes but are easily maintained with special medicated shampoo foot soaks. I don’t mind a foot soak or bath, I actually find baths quiet relaxing. I have had a few lumps and bumps removed, all coming back as benign skin tags but I do still have a few skin tags and lumps that we chose not to remove as they weren’t bothering me. We will need to keep an eye on these just to make sure they don’t get too big or start to bother me.

All in all, I think I am pretty chill, easy going girl who wants nothing more than a nice comfy bed, food and a human to love me. My forever home would ideally have no young kids, no other pets but could have another male dog if they are calm and easy going and allow me to be inside, especially during winter, I hate the cold. I need a human dedicated to keeping up with my training, especially my manners on walks but I don’t mind if they work full time. I am quite independent and happy to hang out on my own. I am a very sweet and can’t wait to meet you!

Coco is desexed, microchipped and kept up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

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