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Hi potential forever family, my name is Domino!

Listen, I didn’t always know that I was loved and safe. When I first came into foster care I was very timid and scared of everything. I didn’t move from my bed for four whole days! But my foster family let me know I was safe and loved by giving me lots of pats and feeding me super yummy treats! When I started to realise I was in a safe place and surrounded by love, I came out of my shell and became the man of love I am today!

At first I didn’t realise what toys were but now I will play with anything! My favourites are, a random piece of stuffing (from a soft toy) and a stray bit of litter! I also love ping pong balls and mouse toys!

Although I do love my cat beds, I much prefer a big dog bed to sleep in! I have already claimed the dogs bed in my foster home! But most of all I obviously prefer a big queen sized human bed!

I am quite the chatterbox when I want to be, especially when I’m hungry! I love greeting my foster mum with a big meow when she comes home from work.

In foster care I have been living with a couple of cats/kittens and a dog. Obviously I love both of them, but I can be a bit rough with the cats. I love to play and wrestle a bit too rough so if I go to a home with another cat they will need to be able to tell me off when I’m getting too rough or they need to be able to keep up with my rough play! With the dog I will rub against her, but I especially love to sleep next to her. In my foster home I have been allowed to sleep on the bed at night along side my dog foster sister. My foster mum loves it that I wait until she is awake and then I greet her with a meow and lots of love, rubbing and purring!

I’m not much of a cuddler because when I first came into foster care I freaked out whenever my foster mum picked me up as if I had never been picked up/handled much in my life. My foster family has been working on this and I now don’t freak out when picked up and I’m happy to have a quick cuddle!

If you think I am the purrfect addition to your family, then fill out an adoption application and hopefully we’ll organise a meet and greet! I promise you will fall in love with me.

Domino is desexed, microchipped and up to date with all vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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