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Hi potential forever family! My name is Domino!

I am said to be a man of love. I love everyone and anything. That cup on the table? I will rub it to show my love. Your ankles? I love them. That cat scratcher? I love it. Anything and everything I will rub it to show my love. I will even roll around on the floor purring to show my love to you!

Listen, I didn’t always know that I was loved. When I first came into foster care I was very timid and scared of everything. I didn’t move from my bed for 2 days! But my foster family let me know I was safe and loved by giving me lots of pats and feeding me super yummy treats! As soon as I realised I was in a safe place surround by love, I came out of my shell and became the man of love I am today!

At first I didn’t realise what toys were but now I will play with anything! A piece of fluff, stuffing from a soft toy, shoelaces and even a dogs tail!

Although I do love my cat beds, I much prefer a big dog bed to sleep in! I have already claimed the dogs bed in my foster home! I am quite the chatterbox when I want to be, especially when you first come home!

In foster care I have been living with a cat and a dog. Obviously I love both of them, even if they don’t like me as much. I will rub them and roll around on the floor near them to show them my love! When I want to play I can get a little rough but just a clap of your hands and I will stop and will go do my own thing.

I’m not much of a cuddler and am not a fan of being picked up, which my foster family thinks is due to not being picked or handled for most of my life. My foster family has been working on this and I will now happily sit next to you and sometimes on your lap! I’m still not a big fan of being picked up but I don’t freak out anymore when I do get picked up!

If you think I am the purrfect addition your family, then fill out an adoption application and hopefully organise a meet and greet! I promise you will fall in love with me.

I am desexed, microchipped and up to date with all my vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

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