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Hello to one very lucky future human who is waiting to welcome me, the king of smooches, into their home for good!

You might not realise at first, because it takes me a while to feel safe with new humans, but I am the biggest attention seeker there is. Once I feel safe and you’ve earned my trust, I will be the most loving and loyal cat around. I might even follow you around the house, even wait outside the bathroom while you take a shower, and wait outside the toilet, wondering why you dared to leave me! I LOVE your attention and can never get enough so please make sure you have plenty of love and time to spare, just for me!

I’m not a very talkative boy, I prefer to use body language! I will virtually turn myself inside out to get your attention, and look at you with a face you can’t resist! Please make sure you have a good scratching post because I spend a lot of time sitting on the top and jumping between levels, and sometimes even hanging from it upside down!

When I first came into foster care, I was pretty scared and I would run and hide a lot, but now I know my foster family are friendly humans, I showed them my true colours. So my forever family will need to understand I might take a while to come out of my shell, but once I do, I’m a super cat and my foster family think I’m destined for greatness!

I know my name and if I’m being cheeky and jumping onto the kitchen table I will jump down if I’m told to. I’m a good boy and pretty darn smart. I’ve discovered I’m even good at opening wardrobes by pushing my paw underneath, I amaze myself sometimes! Recently I’ve been in foster care with three rambunctious kittens and at first, they were a bit much for me and I’d take one look at them and run, but gradually over time we have become good friends. I might be fine in a home with other pets, but it will probably take me a long time to feel comfortable around them.

I’ve been in foster care with kids (11 and 13 years) and I’m still getting used to them. I’m never aggressive, but I’ll let you know I’m not feeling safe with a soft smack of my paw, but mostly I just run away. However, I shower my foster mum with love and affection all the time so maybe adults are my preferred house mates. I would probably suit a home that isn’t too busy, with adults that are home a lot of the time.

If you think I could be your forever friend and you are ready to give and receive lots of smooches, I can’t wait to meet you!

Tommy is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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