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This goofy fun loving dude is Duke, he has had a bit of a rough start medically as he has been diagnosed with elbow dysplasia. He has had major corrective surgery on his front left leg and is now at 12 weeks post op but still building up his muscle in the leg again.

He is a clownish, sweet loving boy who will be a fantastic companion for someone. Duke is great with kids and dogs, He can be a little bit shy with new men but this is simply due to a lack of exposure prior to coming into care to males. When he is introduced to people correctly via sniffing and a treat he is happy and calm. He needs someone who will continue with training as missing out on a lot of early development he needs exposure to new people and things regularly.

Being a softer shy temperament he will need someone who knows how to raise a confident large breed. He is crate trained, and regularly still uses it as he needs to rest with his leg still. He will have ongoing lameness, however it will be less than it is now.

Duke is very treat motivated so it makes training fun and easy for someone willing to put in the time, however he needs to rest regularly and will probably always have a limp especially after a day of exercise. He is not a dog that can go running but that doesn’t mean he won’t need plenty of mental stimulation.

Given his diagnosis he will be prone to arthritis so will need regular vet check ups and someone able to medically afford him, he is currently taking the joint supplement 4cyte so his forever home would need to continue that.

Duke is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations and flea and worm treatment.

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