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Greyhound X

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Hello there! My name is Eddie and I am a greyhound X. I look adorable and boy you are not wrong there! I am a X because no one knows what my dad was, but when you see my paws I can only imagine that he was big.
I have 10, yes you heard right 10 siblings and we were born in the pound. I spent the first 8 weeks of my life surrounded by my furry siblings, so as you can imagine I rely on the company of another doggy friend or someone that is close by, so it is highly desirable that I go to a home with a new fury brother or sister or with someone that is able to spend most of the day with me.
I am currently living with my foster brother, Eric, who I absolutely love to play with. We like to wrestle a little but when Mumma speaks up, I know to settle down. I also live with 2 other fur animals that are apparently cats but all I know is that they are lazy! I tend to trip over my big paws but I am getting better and not tripping over as much.
My forever home must work on my training, as I am still only a puppy and have a lot to learn. I love human interaction and when left alone I do get upset a little but I am working on it, so I just need some time to settle in to my new surroundings.
I am learning many skills at the moment and I am learning my name still. I can sit and wait for my food and am learning to drop and shake at this current time. I love to cuddle up to either my foster brother during the night or my foster Mumma or Nanna for a sneaky little afternoon nap. I am currently sleeping from around 9pm to 6am. I am good at letting people around me know when I need to go to the toilet or I walk myself outside to go.
I love going for a walk or a run - well the nap after the run and I love the smelling the different scents that are around me and I love the fresh air
During the day I have access to inside and outside, so most of the time I spend outside with my foster brother. I do get lonely sometimes and get upset but I am working on it, especially with the toys, bones, pig ears and antlers my foster mumma has spoilt me with. I have not started digging in the backyard and I don’t seem to have the urge to do it either - getting dirty is not my favourite thing, as it results in bath time.
I love cuddles and will never turn down a belly rub. I have a cheeky personality but am a true gentleman.
If you think I could be a perfect addition to your family and you can give me the love, attention and training I need, submit an application, I would love to meet with you!
All my love,
Eddie is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccines, flea and worm treatments.

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