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Greyhound X

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Hi, my name’s Effie. I’m a Greyhound x and I’m looking for my forever home! We don’t know who my Dad was, but he must have been big because I have big feet and they stomp when I run.

I currently live with my sister, and my two bigger foster sisters. I love them. I play all the time. I started life off as a super calm, snuggly and shy little girl, but as I’ve got older, I’ve really come out of my shell! I’m always running around with my sisters playing for hours, and I love to speak while I’m playing. I sometimes speak a little too much, so I’m learning to control that as I get older. I’d love a home with another dog that I can play with as I’m super active now!

I’m a smart girl and I’m very treat oriented, so training me is quite easy, if I’m not distracted. I’ve completely learnt my name and I’ll respond to it. I’ve learnt sit and wait - but as I’m young I’m still learning all the new tricks in the book! I’m pretty good with my toilet training but sometimes I still make mistakes. I’ll need my family to make sure they take me outside semi often so that I don’t accidentally go inside!

I sleep outside at night time with my sisters and I’m okay with that! We cuddle up and sleep all through the night until morning. Sometimes my foster parents are away during the day for work but I’m okay, I just play all day with my sisters. Sometimes little holes appear in the backyard....... I think it’s quite fun to dig the dirt around. My foster Mum has caught all four of us digging before. We love it. I do get told off for it though, and I stop when I get told off.

I also love squeaky toys and I’ll occupy myself for ages with them.

When I’m not playing, I’m happy to settle on the couch or bed for cuddles. I’ll sleep for hours and snuggle up to you and keep you warm.

I love my humans and I love my doggy friends. I’d love to be a part of your family. Hope to meet you soon!

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