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Greyhound X

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Hi I’m Elsa and I’m as sweet as I look! I love to cuddle and climb on your lap even though I’m not as little as I once was and I can assure you I will still want to be a lap dog even though I may get to 40kgs! We aren’t really sure how big I will get but my mumma is 40kgs, so I am most likely going to be the same. We don’t know what my dad is, he is a mystery.

My foster mumma says I’m the sweetest girl and I just love to be everyone’s friend; I’ve made heaps of friends while in foster care. My bestest friend is my big foster brother, we wrestle, play tug-o-war, nap together and sometimes even cuddle. I also love my foster sister heaps but she’s old and grumpy and doesn’t appreciate my puppy love, I listen 99% of the time when she tells me to bugger off but sometimes I annoy her a little too much and my foster mum has to pull me away to give her a break. I also absolutely love my guinea pig foster sisters I love rolling around in front of them and trying to play with them but I’m a bit rough so am never left unsupervised with them.

I am a typical puppy and can be naughty, I chew things I’m not meant to sometimes, like plants, sometimes socks and I have dug a few little holes in the garden bed occasionally but that has lessened as I have got older. My forever humans will need to understand my puppy naughtiness and continue my training to make sure I grow up to be the bestest girl ever!

I am pretty smart and have been pretty good to train and already know a few tricks. I know how to sit, lay down, wait, wait for my food, go on bed when told, and I am currently working on shake and my loose leash walking. I am also crate trained and sleep through the whole night without a fuss, I may occasionally sook but that’s only to let you know I need to go to the toilet. I am 99.9% toilet trained and have only had a couple accidents, and that was only because my foster mum didn’t let me out in time.

My forever home will need another dog to keep me company as I don’t do well on my own. I could live with a cat as I am so young and friendly but I am yet to meet one. A home with children would be awesome I love kids but can be a little too much for them so dog savvy kids are best. My forever humans will need to continue my training to make sure I grow up to be the best dog I can be and in return I will give endless cuddles and love.

I am desexed, microchipped and kept up to date with my vaccinations, flea and worm treatments

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