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This is Elsie! Elsie has been in care 13 months now. Since arriving from a northern pound heavily pregnant, she has raised her kittens and recovered from motherhood.  All kittens are now long since adopted, however Elsie remains in foster care in an outdoor enclosure. This has been her living quarters for some months as she is intolerant of dogs and not keen on the company of other cats.

 Since living in social isolation she has reinforced her learned preference to distance herself from human interaction. She will talk and acknowledge her human’s presence, however she will not partake in cuddles and prolonged patting. This may change when she is happier in a freer living space away from barking dogs.

 Elsie was a stray and resents being confined to an enclosure. She would make an awesome barn cat on property. Her rat and mousing skills would be exceptional.

Aside from daily feeding and watering, regular flea and worm treatments, and annual vaccinations Elsie is maintenance free. She will require safe weatherproof shedding to sleep in and a comfy bed. 

We think she is approximately 2 years old and she is a streetwise healthy puss.

 In time and without the other cats and dogs antagonising her she would probably (hopefully) adjust to her humans and allow social interaction. Sadly her current foster arrangements prevent this due to the resident animal population.

 If you have need of a barn cat to deal with your rodents and are patient enough to interact with Elsie on her terms, allowing her to gain trust – please consider applying!

Elsie is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

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