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Greyhound X

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Hi, I’m Emma, and I’m a Greyhound x

I’m looking for my new home, could it be you?

I am a small girl, and I’m one of the smallest of my 10 other siblings. I know this because I can fit through small spaces and I sometimes have a little tantrum when I can’t! I’m getting bigger now though.

We don’t know who my Dad was but I think he was big! My feet are very big for my body and I’m slowly growing into them.

I live with my sister and two foster sisters. I love them. I love having company and someone to annoy all day. I love to play with my sisters all the time - sometimes I linger at the back though and just watch them play. Other times I love to roll around and get dirty and play for hours. I grew up being naughty and crazy, but the older I’ve got, the better I’m getting. I’m not as naughty anymore - I’m calming down and I’m listening to my foster parents a lot more now.

I’ve learnt sit and wait, and I respond to my name! I respond really well to being told off too. I’m still learning everything else though, I’m only little!

I’m super clumsy and I fall off lots of places - when I’m running around I fall over, when I’m jumping on the outdoor couch I fall off, while I’m sleeping I roll to the end and I fall off! But it’s okay, I shake it off and get on with it. I’m a silly girl.

I sleep outside happily with my sisters. I’m happy to play for a while and then go to sleep for the whole night and play again in the morning. When my foster parents are at work, I love to dig holes in the backyard. It’s so fun! I sometimes pretend it’s only the other 3 that do it, but I forget that I’ve got dirt all over my nose... oops. But I stop when I get caught and told off!

I loooove treats and I’ll learn extremely quickly if I’m trained with treats.

I have recently become a big lap dog. If you’re sitting down near me, I’ll push everyone out of the way to curl up in your lap. That’s my spot now. I love it, it’s comfy and warm and it’s with my human.

I love squeaky toys, and I could entertain myself with one for hours. Once I’m done playing, I’m really happy to sit on the couch with you and snuggle. I love rest time too, once I get to sleep. I’m a little bit more restless than my other sister/foster sisters, but I don’t take too long to settle. My new family will need to make sure they continue to toilet train me and take me outside quite often - I’m trying my best but sometimes I still make a mistake! I’m still young.

I’m a cheeky little girl and I’d make a great addition to your family. I can’t wait to meet you!

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