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Hey there!

My name’s Emmy, I’m a Boxer, with maybe a little something else in there but who cares! I am cute as!

I have a pretty typical boxer personality, I’m a little goofy, playful, fun loving, stupid, needy and just a whole lot of sweetness! I love humans, almost a little too much. I am super needy and a little rude when it comes to personal space. My foster mum has been teaching me to be a little more sensible around humans and I am now less likely to climb on you and be in your face. I’m not rough when I do it, I’m just a little to forceful and like to be up on your lap and right in your face, I even try to get closer if I can. My foster mum has taught me to sit before accepting pats instead of demanding them.

My foster mum has been teaching me some tricks, I have taken a bit to pick them up as I’m only interested in pats. I do know how to sit, shake, lay down, stay, wait for my food, go on my bed when asked, loose lead walk and I have pretty good recall too. I am also toilet trained, crate trained and am very good in the car. I can be a bit sensitive and don’t like when people yell too loud or my routine is changed too much. if I’m feeling nervous, I shut down a little and won’t eat or listen to commands. This means my forever family will need to be understanding if I don’t settle in right away.

I love other dogs; I play really well with all dogs of all sizes. I can forget that I am bigger than some dogs but I listen really well when they tell me to back off. I have been going to doggy day care at my foster mums work and I just love playing with all my friends! My forever home will need to have another doggy friend for me to play with as I don’t cope well when I am left by myself. I am a digger, but only when left alone for long periods of time. I do dig less now but I may dig in my new home while I am settling in, my foster mum thinks it’s an anxiety thing that will lessen as I settle in.

Now to the serious stuff! I unfortunately came to GAR with extremely bad diarrhoea, after a few tests we came to the conclusion that I have Histiocytic ulcerative colitis, also known as Boxer colitis. This is a rare but severe large bowel disorder that mainly affects Boxers, typically those under the age of 2. I went on a long course of antibiotics for over 4 weeks and was on a strict diet only able to eat prescription hills I/D food. once I had finished my course of antibiotics we waited to see if I would relapse and luckily, I haven’t! I have since changed to a non-prescription hills sensitive stomach diet and so far, I have had no issues. Due to my sensitive stomach any foods rich in fat are a no go as these can cause a relapse. This issue may be life long, but it may also ease as I get older, at this stage I must remain on my sensitive stomach food to keep me from having any issues. there is still the protentional that I may have a relapse and will need another course of antibiotics or further treatment but at this stage I am doing very well on my special food. I am otherwise very healthy and happy!

My foster mum says my ideal forever home will be with another super playful doggy friend, can have a dog tolerant cat, can have kids of any age as I love all the humans, someone who understands my medical needs and is prepared to take it on as a life long condition and also be prepared to buy my special food. I’d love a family that is home part time, as I love humans and don’t like to be away from them for too long.

If you think you’re the perfect family for me then come meet me! My foster mum is going to be very picky as she wants the best home possible for me so only the best homes need apply.

Emmy is desexed, microchipped and up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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