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Greyhound X

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Hello potential forever home, my name is Ernie and I’m a greyhound x. I have the x because we don’t know who my dad was, but I’m a big boy already so whoever he was, was BIG – you should see my paws!

Myself and my 10 (yes, 10!) sibling were born in the pound as my Mum was surrendered heavily pregnant. As you can imagine, spending the first 8 weeks of my life with so many other dogs has made me super reliant on the company of another fur friend, so my forever home MUST have another dog.

I should mention I love to play! For this reason, my new fur brother or sister must be a playful companion for me. I’m a bit clumsy and still learning the play etiquette so I can sometimes be a bit rough. My big foster sister likes to put me in my place when I’m too rough with her, hopefully my new sibling will do the same and teach me how to be a good boy!

I absolutely must go to a home who is going to work on my training and take me to puppy school to ensure I grow up to be a well-rounded pooch. Due to my unknown genetics, I won’t be little and cute forever! For this reason, I will need to learn manners to ensure I am well behaved when I’m big and strong.

I’m still learning my name, but I know how to sit, and wait, and I’m working on the ‘on your bed’ command now. In my foster home I sleep in a crate at night-time. I won’t lie and tell you that I love it - I would much rather snuggle up to another dog or be with you. Some nights I go in there willingly, and others I do sook a little bit at the beginning but after about 5 minutes I’m ok and go to sleep. I sleep from around 10.30pm – 6.30am with no accidents in my crate! I’m basically toilet trained and have only had one accident inside since I came to my new foster home. My new forever family will need to make sure they take me out regularly and show me where to go whilst I’m transitioning into your life. Oh, and obviously they’ll need to be understanding that I’m a baby, so I’m still learning.

I go outside during the day when my foster Mum and Dad are at work (approx. 7-8 hrs a day). I have recently started digging a few holes in the grass (apparently, I learned this from my Mumma who does this too!) I haven’t been digging along the fence or trying to escape at all though! I do carry on like a little pork chop when Mum first puts me out, because I do love to be with people. I would prefer it if my new forever home didn’t work very long hours, especially while I’m settling in and getting used to your routine.

My foster Mum thinks I would like puzzle toys and treats and that would help with my digging, however in my foster home it’s not possible to leave food out because my foster brother has allergies and my foster sister is a bit of a grump around food.

I love snuggles and am happy to cosy up to you on the couch. I also love having my belly rubbed and don’t mind being on my back and being held like a baby. I often fall asleep in this position!

I have loads of personality and my foster humans find me quite funny to watch because I’m still getting the hang of my long legs and big kangaroo tail. I do the best head tilts at strange noises, so I’m fun to take photos of.

My Foster Mum says my new humans will need to be willing to commit to my future training and giving me the best forever life!

If you think you tick all these boxes, put in an application, I would love to meet you!

Love Ernie

Ernie is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccines, flea and worm treatments.

*Please note he will need to be taken to your regular vet at 16 weeks to get his final vaccination.

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