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Staghound mix

Microchip #:

Hi, I’m Esmeralda (Ez).
I’m a sweet Mastiff x Staghound x. My Mum came in to care and had me and my 5 siblings! I definitely take after the Staghound, I even have a little beard. It’s extremely cute.

In foster care, I live with three foster doggy siblings and one of my litter siblings. Living with other dogs has helped teach me a lot about dog behaviour and boundaries, and general etiquette, and I’ve learnt the right ways extremely quickly! I listen really well to their cues when they’ve had enough.

I absolutely love to play with them all the time. I spend so much time playing with my siblings that I’d definitely benefit from having another dog in my new home, but it’s not essential. I am a bit of a sucker for my people and when I’ve had enough playing, I run straight to my foster Mum for snuggles. I’m very, very affectionate.I can be a bit nervous upon meeting a new dog. I take a little bit of time to warm up but I do get there. Sometimes I do a little bark at a new dog because I’m a bit spooked, but I’m also desperate to meet them. I just need a bit of confidence and reassurance that it’s okay.My foster Mum says that otherwise, I’m really well behaved. I respond exceptionally to “ah ah” - being told off. I listen really, really well.Sometimes I wee a little when I meet a new person or dog because I’m just SO excited.My toilet training has been going really well. As long as my new people are proactive and take me outside semi regularly, I shouldn’t have many problems. I haven’t had an accident inside in weeks!I know my basic commands such as sit and stay, and I’ve been crate trained so I have no toileting issues overnight as I’m snuggled in my crate and I can sleep for 9 hours.I do dig a little… digging is so much fun! I don’t do it every day but I’ll need continued training to stop me from doing it.In general, I’m a very calm puppy, particularly one on one.I do have my crazy moments, and with my siblings I can be hyper and enjoy a round of zoomies and play fighting, but I’m very settled for my age. I love laying down and playing with my toys or coming for a cuddle. I sneak up to the couch all the time for a snuggle. Mum thinks I’m the cutest thing in the world. I have such a sweet personality, and it’s clear that I particularly adore humans.I can be a little sooky at times, but this is something I should grow out of over time with lots of love and attention.
Come meet me! You’ll fall in love!
Esmeralda is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.
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