Foxy & Daisy - *BONDED PAIR*

Foxy & Daisy - *BONDED PAIR* 

GAR1691 & 1692




11 Year(s) 3 Month(s)





Microchip #:


These two sweethearts have lived together for the last 7 years, in that time they have shared 2 litters of pups, so you can see why they need to go to their forever home together! All though since coming into the care of GAR, they have both been desexed.

Daisy is a relaxed little girl that loves to sleep, cuddle with you and play with her bestfriend Foxy.

Foxy will give you a ton of love for an ounce of attention. He will sit on your lap at any chance that he can get, alongside Daisy. If they're taking up too much of your lap space, they will also happily sit beside you.

They've both grown up with cats and kids, they'll say hello then have a think until they're ready to say hello again. They're both inside dogs and more than happy to be your home security system for anyone coming to your front door.

In true small dog fashion, Daisy likes to bark at anything else that makes a noise, she will listen when she's told to be quite though.

Daisy and Foxy have a love – hate relationship. They will play together quite well, then when they may get a bit carried away they'll have a quick bark and make up with a lick.

They both love going for walks, but they must sniff absolutely anything and everything in their path so be prepared to extend your walking time!

Daisy has had some issues with her ears, they need to be regularly cleaned and kept dry. An occasional check up at the vet to make sure there's no issues is also recommended.

These beautiful pups will not disappoint you and are also ideal for an older couple that would like the tons of love these two have to offer.

Foxy & Daisy are desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

FOXY -  956000001481431

DAISY - 956000001921652

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