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Small Poodle Mix

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Little Miss Frankie is ready to find her forever home!

Frankie is a very sweet and playful little dog. She loves playing tug-o-war, chasey, zoomies, sun baking and cuddling on the couch. She also likes to think she is a guard dog and will bark when someone knocks on the door, but once that door opens, she greets whoever is there with a wagging tail and excitable squeals.

If you never know when your Uber eats order arrives, Frankie sure will! She loves food but prefers human food, cheese and chicken nuggets being her favourite. Frankie does like her own food but always has to check out what everyone else is eating first, just in case there is something better on offer. She won’t turn down a treat or a piece of your dinner.

Making doggy friends is Frankie’s favourite thing to do on walks, she will happily say hello to anyone she walks past but does prefer friends her own size. Frankie is very playful and loves a good romp around, but she is very vocal and makes a lot of noise when playing. That would be the poodle in her. Frankie is more of chasey type player, she would rather run laps of the house and backyard than rough and tumble type play. She is very quick for a small dog, she out runs her foster brother with ease!

Frankie is a bit of an anxious dog and does get overwhelmed in noisy environments, she prefers a quiet, calm home with no small children. When anxious Frankie will break out in a rash, chew her feet and legs and usually gets an ear infection. Frankie has been prescribed Fluoxetine to help with her anxiety and it has worked wonders but she still struggles to cope in a home with young children so we are looking for a child free home for miss Frankie. We do expect Frankie to be a little anxious and unsure when first moving into her forever home so it is important that she remains on her medication for at least 6 months after moving in. This will help maintain her anxiety during her settling in period.

Being a Poodle mix Frankie will need regular grooming to maintain her coat, she is used to being brushed but isn’t the biggest fan of her feet and legs being brushed or trimmed but does tolerate it enough to let it happen.

Frankie’s forever home will need to have no children, ideally another dog but she could live on her own and no cats (they are fun to chase). Frankie is fine being left home alone and doesn’t fret when away from her foster humans, she just hangs out with her foster brother sunbaking or cuddled up on her bed.

Frankie is toilet trained, crate trained, desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.

She can’t wait to meet you!

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