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Hi everyone, I'm Freddie (will also answer to Freddie Spaghetti).

I'd like to describe myself as a sleek, slender, silver tabby who absolutely adores attention and affection. I really enjoy playing with toys, eating food and screaming at you when I'm not receiving attention. I also love chasing my foster fur sisters and brother around the house and getting into mischief with them.
I am quite confident and have been known to approach visitors and chirp for their attention. I am also very food motivated. Speaking of food, I'll eat almost anything. My foster parents currently use a puzzle bowl to feed me.
I'd also like to boast that I have overcome a severe, mystery illness that left the vets puzzled but I've recently undergone my final medical examination and have been given the all clear to go to my new family with absolutely no signs of my previous illness.
My foster parents would like to highlight that I am extremely hyperactive and struggle to comprehend discipline. They have however been practicing a range of different behavioural training with me and would like to announce that my behaviour is improving. Throughout training, it has become evident that I become overstimulated easily, especially with more than one other cat in the household. I would definitely require a range of interactive toys and a family that would be willing to be play with me whilst being patient with my behaviour.
Based on this information, my foster parents think I would suit a home either by myself or with another cat. I personally think I would prefer a household with someone who is home majority of the time as I strongly crave attention. Unfortunately, I have not been tested with younger children or dogs but think I would be better suited to a household with either older kids or no kids.
I am confident I'll be the purrfect fit for your home and I would love for you to come and meet me!

Love Freddie!

Freddie is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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