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G’day folks! My name is Gilbert but most of the time the humans I’m staying with call me Gilbo, Gilby, Gilb or Gil. I don’t mind as long as they give me some decent tucker, lots of cuddles and a warm place to sleep. You see, I was a wanderer in my early life, and it was a bit tough and scary at times. But now I’m enjoying the good life and I’m pretty happy about that!

My foster family keep saying “you’re such a good boy” and “you’re so chilled out”. Hey, I don’t know what it means but they keep giving me lots of pats and picking me up for cuddles, so I guess it means they like me! I like to hang out with my foster humans and check out what they’re doing. If they’re working from home or watching tv, I’m never far away. I find a comfy spot on the rug and watch tv too! I don’t talk much but if I’ve been home alone and those humans turn up, I give them a friendly meow greeting.

I have a fascination for water and love to watch it coming out the tap. Although I don’t drink from the tap, I prefer to stick my paw in the water bowl and then lick my paw! I need a heavy water bowl because I do like to get my paws in there and flick them about!

I’m hoping my new home will give me good tummy rubs and lots of cuddles. I like to play so having some kids around would be ideal, or otherwise, some fun toys to keep me occupied. I love my red toy mouse and sometimes I even play fetch!

I’m very gentle and easy going so I’ll get along with most, humans or the furry kind. I have spent some time with another foster cat and we got along great. I even went for a long weekend stay at another foster carer’s house and they had four cats and I fitted in without any fuss. In my forever home I should be fine with other furry friends as long as they are nice to me.

If you think you have room in your heart and home for a guy like me, let those GAR people know and we’ll be in touch x

Gilbert is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

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