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Well, Hello there!

My name is Gladys, I am now top of the hierarchy, as I am the ultimate glamourous boss babe! I have a big personality and I get what I want. Whether it's securing prime position on my carers lap, taking over the scratching post from other kittens, hoarding toys or putting my fellow fosters in their place with a little growl. Yes, I am a delightful handful, I am a wee bit Princess, a wee bit Diva and a whole lot of pretty fluff n love.

Once I have everyone under my spell, we all get along nicely. My softer side is irresistible and has taken many by surprise after what may seem a rather dramatic introduction. Ok so I did act out when I first met my fellow foster kittens, however we sorted out our issues within days. Of course I won are you kidding me?

Knowing I am a bit of a Diva a slow introduction will be a must if you already have a cat. I have been around some super cool dogs so if you have the kitten loving kind, we just may be buddies, but I do have boundaries I will exercise if rover gets up in my grill too fast or too often. My boundaries have been built to be taken down very gently as I really am all noise at first. How else do I take control of your heart?

I came into foster care with my sweet, cuddly sister Tabitha. You will often find me snuggled up with her, grooming her velvet short hair (how does she do it?) or playing chasey around the room encouraging everyone else to join in. (when I say so of course)
My needs are simple, they include: an indoor life is not negotiable, enclosure access would be a whopping thrill, good quality food, a regular brush to keep my hair glamourous, scratching post, hanging toys, soft floofy beds, a buddy would be nice, and a cardboard box village crafted with holes to explore and set my imagination free. Hmmm Gladys Croft…. Seriously at the end of the day all I want is 100% from my humans because I am worth it plus, I will give so much love back over and over. I want to know my adopters are my forever humans and this is a real deal family commitment. I will be the ultimate BFFF! (best feline friend forever)

Gladys is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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