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If you like a bit of character and a whole lot of quirkiness in your canine companion then you will LOVE Grace!

Born at a racing kennel her hopes of championships were dashed when it was noticed that she just wasn’t quite like the rest. She was diagnosed with a defective gastroesophageal sphincter, a problem she was born with, causing her to experience difficulty swallowing and bouts of reflux! Whilst it cannot be surgically corrected, we have found that Grace thrives on soft dog food and will require this specific diet throughout her life, along with a daily medication. Whilst in some ways she is a bit different, she is indeed a typical Greyhound in many ways and adores people, tends to bound after cats, has a passion for play-dates with all sorts of dogs and is always ready for a cuddle and a lengthy snooze in a comfy spot. She has a great affinity for zoomies and a remarkable ability to capture your heart!

Like all of us- Grace is not free from fault. She was likely a kangaroo in another life and will need consistent discipline to control her tendency to jump for joy.

She will do best in a home together with other dog, in a home where her human family members have some time to spend with her and ensure that only the mushiest food crosses her lips!

Grace’s differences have meant a change in her life path and now she would like to be that very positive change in your life. She would do best in a home with no young children or cats, but would thrive with another dog friend. If you think this long-nose doggo is the right fit for your family, Grace would love to meet you.

Grace is up to desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations,flea and worm treatment.

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