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Hello my name is Gracie and I human. Yes, I know you think I look like a beautiful Jack Russell but I am people just like you! I like being around my humans so much, I love sitting on the couch with them, I love giving them cuddles by wrapping my front legs around their hands or popping my head under their neck while wagging my tail. 

I am 7 and a half years young and certainly have some spring in my step with plenty of life and love to give. I am extremely loyal to my humans, I’m quick to love the people who look after me and give me pats and treats but new people can make me a little nervous in new spaces and I can bark at new people until I realise they are good peoples. If my people aren’t near me to tell me the new humans are okay I can bark at the new person to ask them to stay away from me please. If they don’t listen to my barks I might show my teeth so they pay more attention to please give me my space. Once I build some trust or have my people with me to say this is my new friend I’m very happy to accept pats from them. Because I need some time to build some trust with new friends, I’m am better suited in a home without children.

I consider myself an excellent security guard, I am very good at going on patrol in the evening and making sure no pesky possums try to climb on the roof or any passer by-ers know that there is a dog present in this yard, so hey, think twice about stepping into our home. I can tend to bark at home, but this is usually just in my “patrol hours” when I get up in the morning and before dinner time. I’m also trying to figure out how to bark my arch enemy out of the home…. The vacuum cleaner…. That guy makes me nervous and I do my best to shoo him outta the house.

It’s taken me a little bit of time to adjust to foster care with my foster family, but I now understand the house routine and am really calm with my friends. I do have a history of being quite anxious and have show signs of separation anxiety, I have been quick to miss my foster family when they have left the home or stepped outside, jumping on furniture to look out the window for them, crying at the door to go after them or scratching at the door to say “please can I come with you too?”. But with a regular routine at home, I now understand that my humans will be back soon and that they won’t leave me for very long at all. I really just want to feel like I’m in a safe space and that my people are around me will be back to give me cuddles. I have been well trained in crate training and can be supported in transitioning into a new home with this tool if needed. My foster family can also give you other tips. 

In foster care, I have been part of a home with 3 other dogs and although we have all gotten along well, I am a bit of a bossyboots. I like to take my favourite toys from a younger dog and have a history of not getting along well with previous resident dogs. I also don’t like these strange not-dog things called cats, they make me nervous and I like to chase them away. For these reasons, it would be best for my forever home to not have any other animals in the home, I like hanging out with my humans and like a quiet space anyway. 

I really love going for walks with you, I like smelling all the new smells and finding new places to go for walks. However, I don’t really like going to the dog park with too many dogs running around, like I said, I’m a bit of a bossy boots, so when dogs are running around crazy I can get a little nervous or want to pull on the lead so I can run over and say “Slow down!”, so it’s best that I stay on the lead at all times and am walked in areas that are a little bit quieter without too many loud noises. I love to try and chase birds, so in areas where there are lots of seagulls or ducks I can get really distracted and forget that I’m walking on a lead with you. I find it hard to listen when there’s a silly bird to try and chase, so for a more relaxed walk, lets walk somewhere quieter together. 

I have received excellent vet care and great information from the vets regarding my joint health. My X-rays of my back legs have shown that my toes are a little chunkier than usual Jack Russells and I have the beginnings of arthritis in my hip and knee, tho this really hasn’t stopped me from trying to jump on furniture or climb trees! I am of a healthy weight to make sure this doesn’t put too much strain on my joints and have started joint supplements as a preventative, I love eating these as a treat each morning! My new home should be prepared to manage my arthritis and review with a vet if I need any treatment in the future. 

I’m best suited to being an indoor dog, right by your side always, on the couch for a cuddle, or trying to tuck myself under any blankets around the house for a nap. I’m very good at listening and actioning basic commands such as sit, in to bed or going outside when I need to go to the toilet. I haven’t had access to a doggie door in foster care, but I’m a very clever girl and I’m sure I could learn how to use it. I am guaranteed to make you smile with my head tilts and long eye gazes that seem to have a secret conversation with you and promise to give you lots of love in our forever home together.

Gracie is microchipped, desexed, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments. All ready for her happily ever after with you! 

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