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Bull Arab Cross

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Harla has a beautiful, well balanced personality. She is a bouncy and playful puppy with an enthusiastic approach to life but also enjoys some serious snuggle time and loves nothing more than to lay about, legs in the air waiting for a tummy rub.

Harla enjoys to take part in every one of your daily activities. She loves car rides and walks and playing and gardening and watching tv. Whilst she adores spending time with her people Harla is also an investigator and loves to trot off following her nose around the yard or house to investigate interesting nooks and crannies..the nose knows there's mischief to be found somewhere! So be prepared to put away your shoes and other items you don't want to see running around the house.

Harla is a very bright girl but she is often overcome by excitement and needs to be reminded that jumping on people is not an acceptable greeting.
If you have a treat in your hand, you have Harla's undivided attention which has made mastering the basic skills of sit and come a breeze.

Harla is used to an indoor- outdoor lifestyle. She loves to nap beside you while you watch TV and sleeps like an angel in her crate overnight. Her toilet training is in progress but still needs to be taken outside on a regular schedule.

Harla will do best in a house where she gets lots of attention and has a friendly playmate to amuse her. She currently shares her foster home with her brother and 3 other large dogs, she adores their company and is never far from her canine pals.

Harla is currently living with cats and has learned to politely approach and respect their space.

Harla is going to be a large dog, definitely on her way to 30kg plus!

Harla is ready for her new family, she is desexed, microchipped and up to date with her vaccinations.

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