8 months





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Hi my name is Helen, I am an American Staffordshire X, I have been with my foster carers for 6 weeks and I am ready to find my forever home.

I’ve been enjoying running around the couple of acres where I live, I was a bit scared to take a walk outside the property when I arrived but now I’m happily going for walks up and down the street on my leash and not so scared of the outside world. I’ve endured thunderstorms and chewed some things, but I am learning every day and my new owner would be able to take me to another level with continued training. I come when called 50% of the time, and sit when asked to sit about the same. I have lived with 6 chickens since I got here, and there are still 6 today! I haven’t paid them much attention to be honest. I’ve met the neighbour's dog and I didn’t do much barking or carrying on, I was a bit timid then a bit exited then I weed myself and we all had a nice run around the paddock sniffing for rabbits.

I’ve had many (supervised) cuddles and pats with a 5 year old boy, but I haven’t nipped or bitten, despite the 5 year old boy being a little rough and playful at times and invading my personal space. I’m looking forward to attending a few more Pup school sessions while some applications come through from my potential forever families.


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