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An interview with Herbert Q Howlington

Q : What do you like to be called?
A : Herbie
Q : What are your favourite pastimes?
A : I like to watch birds through the window, I enjoy head scratches, running at a million miles an hour up and down the house, and of course...eating!
Q : Who do you think would be your perfect family?
A : Hmmmm, tricky one...I like dogs. I do think another cat friend would be cool,but I’m still learning to play nice. I think kids are ok too, as long as they don’t pull my tail.
Q : Is there anything else you want to tell everyone?
A : I did have quite a sore eye when I first arrived, but after some antibiotics I think it’s almost better!
Although I can be quite vocal, I love company. I don’t necessarily have to be sat on your knee, just as long as I know you are nearby I’m happy ?
Even though I’m quite handsome, I try not to let it go to my head.
Give my servant...sorry, carer, a call and tee up an appointment with me.
C’mon ladies, you know you want to ?

Herbie is desexed, vaccinated and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

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