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Meet Hugo!

What Hugo lacks in unique looks he more than makes up for in his charming personality. Hugo is guaranteed to win everyone's heart, and at around 5 to 6 years old, he has plenty more love to give. Know someone who isn't fond of cats? Trust us, it's very likely they will like this guy.

Hugo is the sweetest, most gentle cat. He has two main desires - food, and love in any form. He is always the first animal in the house to greet his carers in the morning. He will then follow you around and politely nudge into your morning routine in any way possible until he gets his much needed cuddles or food.

Hugo spends his day observing the outside world, sleeping in the sun or on you, following you around meowing for food or attention, rubbing himself against anything for a pat, or doing ocassional crazy whole house zoomies. He's so gentle he won't fight you when it's bath time, and really loves being brushed. He also seems to have quite the palate - he's been known to try and expand his taste experiences and stick his head into whatever food you're preparing. While he is content sleeping on any lounge he can claim in the house, he's not afraid to try and sneak into bed with you to sleep on your chest.

He is currently living with two large, gentle dogs, and loves lounging around indoors with them all day. He greatly appreciates the company of another warm body. He is also fond of other female cats, but is not a fan of male cats. Therefore, Hugo would be best suited to a household with gentle dog/s or female cat/s. He would be a great pet for children with his gentle nature. He would also settle in well to a household without other animals so long as someone is home more often than not.

Hugo is desexed, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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