Indi & Trixie

Indi & Trixie 

GAR1445 & 1446




10 Year(s) 7 Month(s)




Staffy X Border Collie (Indi) & Chihuahua X JRT (Trixie)

Microchip #:


Indi and Trixie are best friends who are bonded together. Both dogs have a very calm nature and love cuddles with their foster carers.

Indi has lots of energy and loves running around in the backyard and chasing after tennis balls. She also has a bit of an obsession with water from garden hoses, and will try to eat the water and bark at it with excitement! Trixie on the other hand is happiest rolling around in a warm spot and watching on. Due to the formation of her snout, Trixie is also a fantastic snorer and makes some interesting snorting noises from time to time.

The girls can be a bit funny with eating, and usually need encouragement to start eating their dog food. If human food is mixed in however (some nice cooked chicken, rice, or roast lamb scraps!) they will happily chow down on their meal. Trixie has also had several teeth extracted, so she can at times be picky with what she chooses to eat. Indi on the other hand, can sometimes be a bit of a greedy guts and dip into Trixie’s bowl, so their foster carers have learnt to actively supervise meal times! Both girls prefer being inside with the humans, especially at night, and have been found to jump up on the couch from time to time.They are very obedient however, and a firm ‘off’ will be enough for them to jump down and return to their own bed. Both dogs also know some basic commands and are fully house trained.

Both girls love going for walks and exploring new places, however they are not fans of other dogs (Indi especially) and will become threatened, lunging towards and barking at them. The dogs will also pull on their leads when they see a cat or cyclist going past. This is something both dogs have been working on at dog training however, and their foster carers have noticed great improvements with continuous guidance. Despite the progress they have made with training, their foster carers believe Indi and Trixie’s forever home should not already have cats or other dogs.

Indi and Trixie are very gentle with all children and adults they have come into contact with, however they may initially be scared and bark at new strangers coming into their territory. Once they feel comfortable though, they love smooching up for a pat or belly rub. Some other things that can scare the girls (Indi especially) are fireworks and thunder, so it’s important that the forever family know to comfort the dogs on stormy days! When their foster carers are at work or have gone out, Indi and Trixie both stay near the side gate of the house and will bark at people walking past. They also get very excited when their foster carers return home, and jump up on them for attention. Ideally, these two would love to go to a forever family that gives them lots of love and attention!

Both dogs are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea/worm treatments.

Indi - 956000008897769  &  Trixie - 953010000244681

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