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Hi everyone, my name is Isadora but you can call me Dora!

I am a petite ball of energy who loves to explore, play with toys and keep you entertained with my tail chasing and funny quirks. I'm highly curious and inquisitive, you'll always find me close by the action. I love to make my foster parents laugh with my clumsiness, silly kitten antics and strange faces. I'm certain you'll enjoy them too!

I'm not an overly smoochy girl however I will seek attention and love on my own accord. I will let you know when I'm happy by igniting my tiny purr motor. I am not overly vocal unless something is happening that requires your attention in which I will squeak. Yes, that's right, I squeak.

I love to flaunt my sleek deep chocolate and black fur and only require a quick brush every once in a while. I like to think my appearance is relatively low maintenance.

I think I would be best suited to a home with another kitty friend as I love to play and think I would easily be bored and lonely in an environment on my own. I currently reside and adore spending time interacting with the three other cats in my foster home. I have been tested with a toddler before and was highly curious, we had fun playing and I was able to easily tolerate their inquisitive behaviour with no issues. Therefore, I believe I could be versatile and live with a few combinations of families which include children. Unfortunately, I have not had much of an experience with dogs however, I am always willing to meet new friends!

I am highly motivated by food and definitely need to be monitored when eating whilst in the company of another kitty as I have a tendency to become a bit bossy. Speaking of food, I love to eat all types of cat food- wet food, cat treats, dry food, whatever else your other cat is eating even if it is the exact same food as mine...

I am fully toilet trained and have never had an accident in my foster home. Last but not least, due to my youthful age, I still display a variety of kitten tendencies and am slowly learning to 'perfect' my behaviour. I'm sure with some time and training, I will outgrow any bad habits!

I am confident I'll be the purrfect fit for your home and I would love for you to come and meet me!

Isadora is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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