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Cattle Dog X Kelpie

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This beautiful boy is Jack.
He is a 4 year old Cattle dog x Kelpie and is searching for his forever people!
He is a fun playful, affectionate big guy and all he wants is a best friend.
Jack has been bounced around from a few homes so we are looking for someone dedicated to furthering his training.
While he has been in care he has been working on his good behaviour but is reactive towards other dogs on walks and if he can see any walking past his home.
He’s the type of working dog who when listening listens very well, but when he wants to be distracted or is worked up over something then it can be hard to get his focus.

The main issues Jack has shown with us would be his barking issues, which again, are a working progress. He currently resides in a pen which I don’t think sits all that well with him, so he will benefit from someone with a decent sized yard and time to spend with him in it.

He has previously pulled people over with his strength on lead, he’s a stocky fella, but we’ve managed to achieve loose lead walking with him so with work from his new owners, this will be the result you’ll see also. Because of this it will also be best Jack goes to a home with a younger person. As I mentioned earlier he is quite receptive to training and work, he enjoys a challenge (like all working breeds). So training Jack is a fairly easy process, it will just take persistence and patience.

He isn’t social with other dogs, this was one of the reasons he was rehomed (twice!)
We have been socialising him in his foster home and he’s been getting better but still has a ways to go with dog interactions. So at this stage a one dog home with be best suited for Jack. He can be slightly stand offish in the initial meetings of new people so make sure to take it slow with that, like all cattle dogs he’s a little bit pushy. So he requires assertive but fair leader to guide him through the trails and tribulations of the big wide world.

Jack is also known to be excited when meeting people and can jump up on them, so he would best suit a home with no children. We are also not confident with Jack around cats so he will need to go to a cat & child free home, were he will be the only resident dog. If you think you are the perfect fit please apply!

Jack is desexed, microchipped, up to  date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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