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Hello My name is Jack!

I am a Jack Russell/Tenterfield terrier! I know my ears are fabulous and my curly tail is just so cute, you should see how good I can wag my tail when I’m happy (which is always!).

My foster parents say I am the sweetest boy, very well-natured and very friendly. I like to make friends wherever we go, human or doggos, and always like to have my friends nearby. I wander from room to room with my best friends (my human friends) and want to be by their side always, looking up with much love and adoration.

However, my foster parents do say “I’m a bit dramatic”, I think my responses to being super excited and ready to go are pretty normal, but I'm learning to listen to be quiet and draw my attention to you rather than getting worked up and letting out my excitement as a big howl. Sometimes if I feel a bit uncomfortable, over excited, or lonely I can uncontrollably howl, this can last for 10-15 seconds and I find it difficult to stop once I get started at a stint of howling. I have made some progress in foster care to break my howl cycles but will need some further training, socialisation, and support to make sure this can continue to decrease. Some crate training at home has really helped me understand that I have a safe space and practice not howling when you step out of the room without me. Though when my foster parents leave the home, I am still working on not howling as they leave or traveling in the car. These howling incidents have lessened over my time in foster care as I feel more comfortable and confident, so I hope my new owners will have similar amounts of patience while I continue to adjust into my new home.

I have been used to my human friends being home all the time and my foster parents working from home, so I have regularly been in someone’s lap or in a bed next to their desk, it’s a bit of an adjustment for me to know that when you leave you will come back. I would love if my future home had someone home regularly and/or willing to continue my crate training.

During foster care, I have been working on my focus with dog training, as I can be a little bit erratic in taking in all the sights and sounds around me and get distracted easily. Though I am great at basic commands like sit and responding to my name, I am learning to stay and break my focus of howling when overwhelmed. I love to go for my daily walks and I'm being exposed to sights and sounds every day, I find those fast trains a little bit scary and I want to run away, but otherwise, I love being out and about exploring the world with you.

I have a special skill of being able to tuck myself under a blanket at night, I know, I’m super clever. I really like to be nice and cosey under blankets, so I can be a little bit cheeky in asking you if I could please be your hot water bottle tonight and cosy up in your bed. But I’ve been good to understand that jumping on the bed is not okay and I have my own very special bed ready and waiting for me (I just might need to be tucked into my crate to be reminded of this before you go to bed).

I consider myself to be an excellent security guard, I’m very good at barking at noises at the front door, to say “hey, what are you doing there? Wanna be friends?”, so my new owners will need to have some patience with my barking habits.

During foster care I have had a few brothers and sisters, I have been very friendly with my foster friends of dogs and though curious with my foster cat friend, I really haven’t had much interest in the cat to be honest. I much prefer to play chasey with my dog friends. I would really love it if I had another brother or sister at home, of similar age to play chasey with and similar nature so I don’t get bullied, I would just like another best friend to keep me company.

I have had contact with kids and have been very sweet and gentle with young children, though sometimes I just want to kiss their face, so any kids younger than school age may not be best home for me. I am very clever at using a doggy door and going outside when I need to, so I will be the perfect resident and indoor dog. Being an outdoor dog just isn’t for me. I would really just like to find my forever home where I can be your best mate, biggest fan and cuddle buddy.

Jack is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worming treatments.

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