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Jasmine (Jazz/Jazzy) is approx 19mths old. She is such a sweet girl and an easy family cat.  She loves the company of people and follows her foster family around the house. She does not like to be picked up and held for long periods of time, but she does not scratch, just wriggles herself free. Her favourite spot to sleep is on the top of the couch or on a dining room chair enjoying the warm sun. She also doesn’t mind sleeping on the bed.
Jazz lets you know when she is hungry by doing small meows and getting your attention by running around your legs in the kitchen. However, she is a fussy cat. Jazzy loves her wet food, she will eat dry food if it is thoroughly mixed into wet food. If she doesn’t like her food she will let you know about it!
Jasmine is a potential escape artist and is always keeping a look out for open doors and windows leading out. She may have previously been an outdoor cat before being surrendered to the pound. An outdoor cat enclosure would be perfect for her to enjoy the fresh air. Or a nice big window at the front of the house for her to watch the world go by, whilst enjoying the sunshine would also be suitable.
Jazz is in a foster home with dogs. Initially she didn’t like them, then after a week she stood up to them when they sniffed her, and is now best friends with them. She would be suitable to a home with quiet, and more settled, or older dogs. She does not enjoy fosters dogs getting playful and bouncy towards her. Jasmine has very soft and silky black and white fur. She is a stunner in looks. Jasmine has been such a pleasure of a foster cat, she is a very quiet and beautiful girl.
Jasmine is desexed, microchipped, up to date with vaccinations, flea and worm treatments.

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